New Vests on the Horizon

I had a dress-up thing a few weeks ago, so I put on my best HB shirt, some pressed slacks, and boom. Done.
Would have been fine except for what my friend wore. That butch showed up in a nice button-up shirt, pressed slacks...and a neck tie, tie bar, and vest.
So while my attire passed and I was not under-dressed, I recognized the difference between my look and my friend’s. They added the essential details that took the look from sharp to razor sharp. I had not. Yikes.
I’m hurrying up to add a vest to my wardrobe, fam.
Like, yesterday.
And get this – while I’m thinking I need to shop HauteButch vests, I get a note from HB’s very own Karen Roberts about expanding the vest line.
What what?
Get this. Instead of just deciding on what type of vest material seems good to her and running with it, the founder of HB is requesting your assistance.
HauteButch’s current line of vests seems awesome enough to me, but it’s about to go viral, and you can be part of the growth, yo.
Here’s the question: Would you rather see some additional solid colors, such as gray and tan – that sort of thing – or would you prefer something along the lines of patterned material?
We are requesting your assistance with this decision. Please take a second and hit this to vote on what you would like to wear (or see your hot butch wear), and then keep an eye on the site for the new looks to pop up.
Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions. You = da best.