Introducing Mz. HauteButch 2021

Every year, HauteButch crowns a new Mz. HauteButch. This year’s winner will probably look familiar as they have been featured in numerous graphics, ads and videos. We are proud to introduce 2021’s Mz. HauteButch: Chris! 
Recently, I had the privilege of getting to know more about them, and I am so excited to share a bit of their story with you! 
Chris is currently the assistant director at a shelter for runaway and homeless youth. As the assistant director, Chris has an opportunity to provide guidance and stability through education and therapy to youth in the Bronx + Brooklyn. 
When they aren’t improving the lives of local children, Chris enjoys writing. In fact, they are a published author and poet! Check out their work here. 
Chris is a remarkable person, helping make their area a better place, sharing their voice through writing, and now, representing HauteButch. We couldn’t be more proud! 
So how did Mz. HauteButch come to find us? 
I was looking for an outfit for an event and came across the website,” Chris explained. “I purchased some items, and I [have been] hooked since.”
The style, fit and clothing quality hooked Mz. HauteButch. 
“I love the quality of the clothing, the customer service is extremely personable and professional,” Chris stated. “Also, I love that I can contact the CEOs, and they will get back directly with any questions or concerns.”
As a brand, we aim to offer each customer a dignified journey, masculine styles reflected through our designs, and high quality, ethically manufactured clothing. 
Sounds like we’re doing something right! ;) 
When asked what they would like to see more of, Chris responded, “I would like to see more business casual or  casual attire. Maybe some chinos, jeans or sweatsuits can be added to the collection.” 
Hmm...those sound pretty great! Keep an eye on HauteButch. Who knows what the future holds 😉
And finally, when asked what being crowned Mz. HauteButch 2021 means to them, Chris had this to say,
“It means more than what I thought it would mean. I have never fit the status quo
of what the community labels a stud/butch. I’ve always just been Chris. People
would say, ‘You dress as a stud but you are not aggressive enough nor do you
look hard enough.’ It’s crazy how I was fighting to be seen in my own community.
HauteButch has allowed me to show the world a different variation of the word
Is your heart melting too? Ours definitely is! 
Want to keep up with Mz. HauteButch 2021?? Follow them on IG @chris_mzhautebutch2021