HauteButch Bombshell: Jess “The Beast” Ruiz

HauteButch prides itself on the ability to empower queer individuals to live their truth and express themselves through fashion. Our latest addition to the crew is professional football player Jess “The Beast” Ruiz, and she couldn’t be a more perfect fit! The self-proclaimed stud shares our high standards and core values including, but not limited to, integrity, honor and inspiration.

Rising Star

Jess was recently signed to the LA Fames (not Flames, don’t worry I made that mistake too! 😉), which is part of the new Women’s Football League Association. Clearly, they recognize talent! The Beast, as she is known, can be found in a number of positions offensively and defensively, such as safety, running back, and gunner, among others.
If you’re like me and don’t know what a gunner is, that’s ok! Jess was sweet enough to explain it, “The gunner is the one that just runs right off to tackle the first person who touches the ball. Definitely very fun to me.”

Who's "The Beast?"

Not only that, Jess is an Army Combat Veteran with multiple deployments under her belt and sister to 7 siblings!! She and her paramour, Maha Hawwass, also have three fur babies, Jaxon, Bella and Roxy. You’d have to have an insane amount of energy and patience to find a way to balance all of that! This is just the beginning for her, and we couldn’t be more excited to join her on this journey.


Like many of our customers and fans, Jess does not describe her style as being “feminine”, and she has faced the struggle of attempting to make men’s clothing work for her body. Pants were always too cumbersome or long and attempting to find shirts small enough for her frame was a nightmare!
Thankfully, those days are over.
“Before HauteButch it was difficult,” Jess explained in an interview. “Before I used to wear baggy clothing because men’s/boy’s clothing has always been bigger on me. Now I can pick up a size small [shirt], and it fits me just right. I’m finding the right sizes to fit me comfortably.”
Now that statement warms my heart. Our CEO and Designer, Karen, strives to create the masculine style our queer style seekers are looking for and tailor them to their bodies. Combining style and fit, HauteButch provides tomboys, butches, studs, transmen and androgynous individuals a brand to call their own.
Role model in the making, Jess had a few words to share about embracing who you are:
“Be you, don’t let anyone around you determine what does and doesn’t look right on you. I’ve been judged my entire life because of my style always being “tomboyish”. I’ve learned to push past the judgments & just look at myself in the mirror and see me when I’m dressed. No one else can determine what’s going to make you feel right, so don’t let their words or judgments do that to you.”

We couldn’t agree more! Welcome to the crew Jess! HauteButch is honored to be part of this new adventure.
Want to see more of Jess? Check her out on Instagram: @jessthebeastruiz3