Why do you love me as a butch woman?

Over coffee today, I asked my (femme) wife to tell me why she is attracted to me as a butch woman and here's what she said.
Me- What's the general attraction to a butch woman?
Her-  there's a way in which certain Butches carry themselves that I relate to. A strength, a confidence , an attitude. By & large a butch rejects the rigidity of the role of the "ideal woma" and how she should be in the world. 
Me- Can you say more?

Her- Their external appearance

I like their gestures and mannerisms. Not fem, not Girly , it's in the butch attitude.You just know it when you see it.

They walk in the world unafraid in the same ways that men do.

There's a "manliness" (for lack of a better word) about them in the sense that they say what they think, they own the ability to outwardly flex what they feel inside.

Me- anything else you'd like to add?

Her- I have a powerful attraction to that type of woman.

She doesn't wear make up, she's not prim and proper, she just is.

I like how they dress, the way they style their hair and even how they walk.

I don't want the penis yet I'm attracted to the "mannish" qualities along with an ability to listen and to be sensitive.

Me- She then preceded to explain herself further by reminding me of a real life example in our own lives to expand on why she loves me as a butch woman.

She said " As a femme, I might be walking downtown somewhere and want to go down a street but change my mind if it looks shady and ultimately decide to take an alternative route. When I'm with you, we head straight down that street and in fact, you walk on the outside and scan for possible threats the entire way.You look strong, you're walking with purpose and I feel secure and protected".

"It's the perfect blend of qualities that I like in men and qualities that I like in women brought together in this androgynous being, sans penis. "

I swallowed, sat my cup of tea down and thought for a second …… Hmmmnnnn.

I do love me some her.