Part of the Weird and Queer Trendsetting Pack!

WineWe are proud revolutionaries and trendsetters at HauteButch. We take our status as an innovative company in the butch, queer, and transgender space very seriously. It's at the heart of what we do as we work to pursue our core values of: integrity, courage, inspiration, respect and humility, and quality. We hold the vision to build a fashion, footwear and lifestyle brand that celebrates diversity, inspires acceptance and fosters the expression of individuality. We want to completely set a new standard and class for the way our community shops for clothes. Ours is a vision that requires great conviction and courage.
So, it's an honor when we are recognized for our values, vision, and trendsetting ways. Such is the case with our place on's list of "Fashion Gets Weird And Queered: 22 Designers Starting a New Trend." Being included in this list of "designers who are leading and shaping queer fashion movement," colleagues that are shaking up and revolutionizing the fashion space for our community, is a thrill! Check out the full list here.