Butch Wonders on Butch-Butch Relationships

holdinghandsIf you're looking for some great insight, and humor, into the lives of butch women, we highly recommend you check out ButchWonders.com!

Have you ever thought about the dynamic of lesbian relationships? While the butch-femme relationship seems to be the one most common, or at least most commonly portrayed. But what about butch-butch relationships? That's exactly the topic recently tackled over at Butch Wonders and we found the piece so well-written that we just had to share.
"Sometimes I say that being a butch-loving butch is like being gay within the lesbian community.   I've had other butches tell me that they think it's "gross" to date other butches.  (I just smile and tell them that dating butches makes me extra, super, mega-gay.)  And it can be really hard to find butch or androgynous types who date other butch or androgynous types.  But trust me...  if it's what you're into, it's the best."

Click over to read the full Butch-Butch Relationships Redux post at Butch Wonders, including a fantastic list of advice for butches looking to date other butch types.