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When a Butch Goes Dress Shopping

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Jamie Ray, author of the fantastic blog ‘A Boy and Her Dog’ recently undertook a much-loathed chore – she went dress shopping! You’ll definitely want to click here to read the full account, but here’s just a taste:

“I arrived in blue jeans, a black turtleneck, a black Patagonia fleece pullover, and hiking boots. I brought along a flowered red tunic, from last winter’s collection. Donna wanted something just like it, but longer. All the other shoppers, and the sales staff, were wearing Gudrun Sjoden outfits. I felt uneasy; I knew I didn’t belong there.”  Shopping for Dresses while Butch & Trans | A Boy and Her Dog

When’s the last time you went dress shopping? How did the experience go for you? We’d love to start a dialogue on butches in the women’s department, and the associated experiences and feelings that go along with it. So, leave a comment with your thoughts and let’s have some fun!

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