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HAUTE BUTCH: Anchors Away, My Boi’s!

All hands on deck! Heave ho! Don’t be a landlubber: get wet, but steady as she goes! Full speed ahead!

Look closely, and you’ll see that HauteButch’s branding has a distinct but subtle nautical edge. Is this because HB’S Founder/CEO/Designer Karen Roberts happens to be a Navy veteran with exquisite attention to detail? 

There’s something about a girl-boy in uniform: hard and even soft sailors have a butch edge. This oceanic influence allows gender-fluid individuals to sail wildly on the Seven Seas of fashion freedom. HB certainly is a pacific paradise of mariner’s merchandise.

Look at some of the edgy but comfy harborside gear HB does so gallantly wave at us: 

While on shore leave, exploring hot ports of call with your boi’s, how about wearing an Anchors Aweigh Navy Necktie for those dress-up occasions? Or, why not sport a Fish Out of Water Necktie with its cartoon-fishbone design?

For a steaming tropical evening, put on a cool HB short-sleeved Charlie Shirt and coast along. In HB’s apparel, swagger while navigating your way through festive parties, cruising for mermaids/mermen who drop to their knees for you. 

Got a weekend off, slathered with sunscreen on a white-sand beach? Slip into your Rockaway Boardshorts paired with a Skipper Tee — and hang ten shooting those curls on oceans white with foam, over the bounding main!

Grab your HauteButch Commander Ring and you command attention. Those guys and dolls will stand and salute.

What HB lovingly borrows from the Navy are the names of so many of their pieces. Consider: Annapolis tomboy shirt, Aviator vest, Battalion shirt, Fleet jacket, Garrison vest, Liberty shirt, Master Chief shirt, Port Side shirt, Purple Majesty bowtie, Quartermaster button down, Reveille shirt, Trident shirt, Westpointe shirt.

At HB fashion shows, flotillas of happily handsome models saunter to the edge of the runway-pier. These fellows are proud perky figureheads on the HauteButch flagship, which is a superdreadnought on the fathomless sea of futuristic fashion. 

Are you an Orphan Andy sailor-boy in short pants with an all-day sucker? Or, are you Popeye the Sailor Man proudly spouting “I yam what I yam?”

Are you built like an Italian battle ship, or a sleek atomic submarine? HB can suit your size; its bespoke items fit and enhance that body which is perfect — because it’s yours!

HauteButch ships inland and offshore. HB ships shipshape stuff directly to you shapely sailors. Ship ahoy, mates! Suit up and buy HauteButch!



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HAUTE BUTCH: Fashion Paradise for Butch Baby Boomers

Talking about my generation:

HauteButch (HB) is deliciously sexy to us Butch Baby Boomers (BBB’s). Born between 1945 to 1964, we now range in age from 54 to 73 — if my neanderthal arithmetic is right. We need the exquisite Comfort and Style offered by Haute Butch. And, our demographic is generally able and willing to pay for clothes that so perfectly match our bodies and our tastes.

After decades distinguishing fashion do’s from fashion maybe’s from fashion don’ts, Boomers know what we want. Our personal aesthetic is well developed. 

From head to toe, stylish physical comfort comes first. Try these HauteButch pieces:

•hats that fit over our flat-tops, keeping us cool (Prince houndstooth tomboy cap) or warm (knitted wool beanie in navy blue or army tan, or black, white or wine)


•shirts that are neither too tight nor too loose (cotton Liberty sport shirt, red&white checkered like a retro picnic tablecloth, or Aviator vest with or without darts)


•suspenders that span flat torsos or prominent racks (crimson onyx multi-stripe — delicious words to describe tasty duds)


•underwear that fits our hips (blue secret butch surprise “truncs” ranging from small to 3X)


•shoes that look slim but are roomy enough in the toe-box to walk across cities (Greyson Lace-up Canvas Derby high-tops) 

Oh, and don’t forget those accessible accessories — cufflinks, watches, sunglasses.

HauteButch offers us clothing that respects our individual height and weight and age. 

Comfort is not just physical: HB’s wardrobes consider — in invisible but significant ways — psychological, emotional and social comfort.

And Style! Both traditional and contemporary, timeless and timely, HB’s items encompass personal and collective styles.

Boomer girl-guys helped start our tribe: we are among its founding mothers and its cornerstones. Newer generations stand on our broad shoulders; they also keep us grounded and modern and they refresh our vocabulary. 

HB’s andro/homo/genderfree fashion creates a two-way fluidity that spans generations. HB’s gorgeous handsome merchandise cross-fertilizes Boomers and Millennials at either endless end of our quirky spectrum. HB inspires us to respect and learn from each other. 

Not all butch fashionistas are in their fresh-faced 20s. Some of us are veteran dykes, quasi-retirees whose blood pulses to Buddy Holly and Elvis. Our younger sisters are randy stud clothes-ponies, but we are fully grown clothes-horses, forever wild mustangs now eating well in plush pastures.

So, keep your finger on the pulse of HauteButch. And reach for your HB Cowhide Rocker Wallet. 












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Pink is the New Black

We begin at Pride

As you know from a previous blog post, I went to Chicago Pride this weekend. They had a booth giving out free Pride hats – blue, pink, and green.

“What color would you like?” The hat guy asked.

“Pink,” I said.

I had spent 20 minutes in line debating what color I was going to get, blue or green. And then at the moment of truth, “pink” pops up out of nowhere.

I blinked. The hat guy blinked. The butch a few people back in line blinked about three times. The young man right behind me also got a pink hat.

“I just came out three months ago,” he told me as we stood there admiring our matching hats. “I’m getting pink everything to bug my parents.”

I’m not trying to bug anybody. I just felt like pink was the right color at that moment.

What does this mean?

I’m learning to embracing the more delicate side of myself. For the longest time, I tried to be feminine and fit into the straight role that was laid out for me and that I adopted myself as an adult.

Then when I came out and could finally be butch, I felt weird wearing pink. I didn’t want anything low cut, too form-fitting – anything that accentuated curves had to go.

I feel like pink gets a bad rap from butches sometimes. Known as a more feminine color, it tends to turn off some butches, myself included.

But as I am finding my way in the world, I don’t feel like I have to be anyone other than who I really am.

HauteButch does pink

And then I came across HauteButch, the brand that seems tailor-made for me. I could be happy in just about every single piece of clothing HB has, accessories included.

Guess what? HauteButch has a lot of pink items for us. You can get a shirt that is all pink, or maybe just start small with a bow tie sporting pink accents.

The beauty of it is you can find what feels just right for just you. That’s all that matters. Find your style and own it. HauteButch is here for you. We got this.

And so here I go

Can I finally get some of those pink suspenders? Please and thank you. Because hey – I look good in pink, yo. It brings out the pink in my cheeks.

Pretty sure what with my short hair, no makeup, and strut, I can wear any color, even pink, and never be mistaken for anything other than who I am – me.

Are you with me?

Let’s hear your opinion. Do you wear pink? Why or why not? Don’t leave me hanging, fam!

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HAUTE BUTCH: Hot and Cool

A Rave Review, 6/14/18

HauteButch performed a sizzling fashion show on Gay Pride night (June 2) in Santa Rosa, California at the Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art and Politics. I sat front row center and somehow resisted the magnetic pull towards the stage.

Twelve days later, HauteButch’s exquisite tomboy clothing and accessories and the company’s painfully handsome models reverberate in my head, in my senses and in my wallet. 

The clothes! Head to toe and everything in between, HauteButch’s women’s menswear is customized to fit the individual gender-fluid body. Their pieces range from “Newsboi” denim caps to hightop “Skytops” sneakers. 

Their suits, vests and dress shirts are to-die-for, to live for. The accessories alone are astonishingly attractive: collar bars and studs, cufflinks, Steampunk shades, bowties with pocket squares, look-at-me wristwatches and more. And more.

The classy clothing, the models and the overall runway show vibrate in that impossibly perfect zone where cool meets hot. HauteButch balances on that delicate fulcrum where lesbian boy meets girl.

These styles call for basic terms like sexy and fun.  They also inspire — at least in this writer — fancy words like bespoke, haberdashery and sartorial.

Most HB fans pronounce the word haute as hot. Officially, the word haute (pronounced “oat” with a silent “h”) in French means high, as in haute couture, or top-notch tailoring. The models certainly have their heads held high, with their posture radiating pride.

Their presentation of wild and traditional HauteButch clothing straddles that thin line between confident and shy. They are both seductive and detached. These tomboys are desired but mouth-wateringly unavailable — but the clothing is desired, and available for a fair price. 

These gay garments, these glad rags! These togs for fops! These spiffy shirts! These duds for dashing dandies!

Sporting HauteButch’s dapper clothes, gender-defying individuals flirt with the audience, but slip out of the spotlight into the shadows. From briefs to  tuxedos: what a delicious showing. You can almost taste it. You want some: buy some.




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I Need Your Help

It’s one thing to write about what to wear to a wedding. It’s an entirely different thing to actually get invited to a wedding and have to figure out what to wear.

I would be freaking out if not for one saving grace – the wedding is in September. I have time to get myself together. But if you’ve been reading this blog for long, you probably can guess that I’m not the greatest at doing that. So…

Okay, my people. Help me please.

I have the Black Annapolis Tomboy Shirt. This shirt is fire, yo. It fits perfectly, it’s a classic look, goes with anything. I love the way the tiny white dots elevate it from a plain black to the eye-catching shirt that it is.

Also in my wardrobe are the Black Leather Suspenders and Ebony Skinny Necktie, which I have worn with the Annapolis Tomboy. I get lots of compliments when I sport my HauteButch duds.

Question: I need to get a vest and/or a suit jacket. What do you think? Opinions needed.

Deciding about the vest/jacket question is not my main problem, though. Here’s the thing. My friends are having the wedding ceremony on a Friday night in September in a cool event space downtown. The reception will be right after.

Then Saturday is a party at their house – with a taco truck (O happy day!) and entertainment for kids. So more laid back. Neighbors, friends, family… This is where I’m stumped.

I have no clue what I should wear. Imagine my embarrassment at admitting this. Help a friend out. Please. Look through the HB collection and let me know what you think I should wear to the Saturday party.

Thank you in advance. I have faith that you will not let me down.

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Board Shorts that Fit

I’m proud of myself this year, peeps. See, I have a problem dressing myself in a weather-appropriate manner sometimes.

I can’t believe I’m telling you all this.

Last time I went to Pride, I wore a polo shirt with a rainbow on it. And jeans. It was like 100 degrees out. I nearly died.

Luckily, I did not die. Even more luckily, between that year and this, I discovered HauteButch – and their selection of board shorts.

So this year when I went to Pride and it was mid-90s, I was fine, because I was in a tee and the board shorts you see over there in the picture on the right.

I try to be completely honest and open with you all, so let me tell you something else, since we’re on the subject. I didn’t like the board shorts when they arrived.

Wait, what?

Yeah, they fit weird. I’m used to women’s clothes or men’s clothes, right? Women’s clothes that highlight the curves, accentuate the femininity of the body and all that. You know what I’m talking about. Ugh.

And last time I tried to buy men’s board shorts, I couldn’t find any that fit at all. I either couldn’t get them over my…ahem… ample backside, or else they went down to my ankles. It was bad. Really bad.

I decided I was just out of luck, right? But then HauteButch happened.

When the HauteButch board shorts arrived, I was pumped at the brightness of the fabric, the quality of the material, and the overall look. But then I put them on.

Hmm. They fit around my waist and they hit above the knee right where I wanted them to. The shorts were roomy. They had deep pockets. The string tightened them up perfectly.

This can’t be right, I thought as I shuffled around trying them out. These aren’t right. They fit weird.

Uh, yeah, they fit weird. Because they actually fit the way I wanted them to and I wasn’t used to it. Guess what? I got used to it real quick.

I wore them out kayaking. They got soaked but dried almost immediately in the sun. Washed them. No fading, no bleeding, no shrinkage. Looked just like they did when I took them out of the package.

SO they passed the practical test. What about the fashion test?


As I said above, I wore them to Pride. I got a lot of compliments and felt good in them. And they even matched the purse I held for a friend.

Okay, they didn’t. But hey. Purse matching is definitely not a requirement for anything I wear, ever.

I plan to order more – maybe even one pair for every day of the week. I mean hey, it’s hot out! Dressing for the weather is now something I can do, and look good doing it.

Happy day.

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Exciting Events

Remember when I talked about Pride last week? That was cool and all but this week, we take it to an entirely new level.

An epic Pride Event is happening this weekend in Santa Rosa, CA. The Arlene Francis Center presents Pride Night, which is just going to be amazing.

The highlight is the HauteButch Fashion Show. You know you don’t want to miss out on this! DJ Lady Char will be killing it for the Dance Party and Karen Ripley will be in the house for comedy.

Sure, this event will be awesome, but even better is that is a benefit for Positive Images. Talk about a win-win opportunity for you to get out and have fun while helping out.

Details: June 2nd 2018, 8:00 PM – Midnight @ 99 Sixth St, Railroad Square, Santa Rosa CA.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. I honestly don’t know about capacity, but if I were you, I’d get my ticket now so as to make sure I got in!

Okay, so the title of this blog is “Exciting Events,” right? Plural. There’s more.

You’d better sit down.

Ready? Okay…

HauteButch is looking for hot models to represent us.


I know. This is why I told you to sit down first. I hope you listened and didn’t hurt yourself there. The 411 is on the link above, so if you want a shot at this, get there, fam.

Just thinking about all this excitement has got me wiped out. That Pride Night will be one to remember, yo. And the chance to be a HB model? Pssh. Unbeatable. 

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Pride Night June 2nd



Sat June 2nd-The Arlene Francis Center is presenting a benefit for Positive Images. Positive Images provides support and advocacy to Sonoma County’s LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12-24.




A Fashion Show, Comedy and Dance Party to benefit a worthy cause and to celebrate with the community and showcase talents of LGBTQ+ Members.

Fall of 2016, Hautebutch debuted a fashion runway to a sold-out Santa Rosa crowd and the event was very well received and enjoyed by all that attended. Here’s your chance to see the collection up close on the handsome models that will be your style czars for the evening.

Featured Models:

  • Danielle Acree, Ayana Brumfield, Cheryl Lynn Coffey, Brittney Coughlin, Jimena Catalina Cruz,  Nik Gomes, Jessica Miller, Christina Rocha, Eli Orellana, Dominique Sisk, Melissa Taylor, Phoenix Watkins,


Be warned. Bay area Comedian Karen S. Ripley will have you bent over in your chairs as she delivers joke after side-splitting joke! You’ll find yourself recalling her set for days.




After the entertainment, you better Werk! up a sweat on the dance floor to the sultry beats by the amazing DJ Lady Char.









Doors open at 8pm and the show starts promptly at 9pm.

Date: June 2, 2018

Location: Arlene Francis Center

99 Sixth St Santa Rosa, CA

                                   Tickets: $25 Advance and $30 at the Door.


Get your Tickets online here:



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All Things Pride

I know it’s still May, but as you are well aware, Pride events are right around the corner, and I can’t wait. Consider this your friendly reminder to buff up that HauteButch wardrobe, gang.

Some towns don’t have Pride, I know. Do you live close enough to go to a Pride event? I am super excited about Pride month, yo. Not only do I live in a city that hosts a good Pride, I’m also packing up and hitting the road with two great friends and hitting up Chicago! What?!? I know. 

(Am I prepared? Not yet. But I will be.)

Pride Accessories

Did you know HauteButch has a Pride package with an amazing assortment of all things Pride?

This package has you covered – a sweet Tomboy Rainbow Barrel Pendant, Tomboy Rainbow Bracelet, Tomboy Lesbian Pendant, and top off that HB look with a sharp Rainbow Pride Skinny Tie.


Although this package makes a great kick-off to your Pride wardrobe refresher, we also have individual items so you can build up your own style. 

Of course, you don’t want to forget your Rainbow Suspenders, right? HB also has Pride bands, studs, and more in the Pride section of the site.

Cool Cool Clothes

I didn’t stutter there. You need good-looking clothes to wear when you are out and about, and it will be June, so most of you will probably need something to wear in warm weather.

As you probably know, HauteButch has tons of options for you here. Want board shorts? We got you. Tanks? Same. Tees? Take your pick!

One of my favorite looks is a tank or tee with an unbuttoned shirt over it. That dresses up the casual just enough without going over to too formal for a fun outdoor event.

How Do You Pride?

Tell me about your plans for this year, for next year, your past Prides… Share! I love hearing stories from you all, so share away! Please and thank you.

Hey – when you are all spiffed up in your HB gear, don’t forget to tag us on your social media posts! We love to see you looking fabulous.

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Pop-Up Shop Time at the Russian River Women’s Weekend

This weekend, good times are going to happen at the 38th Annual Russian River Women’s Weekend.

So get yourself to Guerneville, CA, visit the HauteButch Pop-Up Shop (The WHAT? Yes. More on that in one second here), take lots of pictures, tag us in your pictures, and allow me to live vicariously through you. Please and thank you.

Okay, so the HauteButch Pop-Up Shop will be in full swing this weekend. Our very own Karen Roberts (read all about how she started HauteButch in this blog post) will be there along with the incredible Prince Nik, and possibly more of your favorite HauteButch models.

Meet the family and don’t miss out on your chance to build your wardrobe with the hot HauteButch products that will be there for your perusal.

The Pop-Up Shop will be open Friday, 5/18 from 1:00 to 6:00 and Saturday, 5/19 from noon to 6:00, so you have plenty of time to drop by throughout the day.

Visit the event website, plan your weekend, make your reservations and travel plans, and get there! And as I requested before, please do take lots of pictures of the shop and your new HB clothes, and tag us on social media.

This weekend is going to be epic.