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HauteButch’s Guide to Gift Giving

When it comes to wedding planning, asking those you love to stand next to you on this monumental day is one of the most exciting parts! It’s even becoming traditional to have brides-men, grooms-maids, or a man of honor – this creates an interesting and exciting dynamic. In a 2017 study, it was found that 1 in 3 couples did not follow traditional gender roles when choosing their wedding party. The pre-wedding festivities such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party are becoming all-inclusive celebrations for the whole wedding party to bond. Being such an integral part of someone’s wedding is no small task, so we have a few gift ideas for the brides to give to their wedding party – no matter who is included!

Coordinated shirts or flannels

Pre-wedding festivities attire does not always have to be feminine, whether before the wedding or at the bachelorette party. The options are endless, but here are some so they will look awesome together and will please a variety of different people. You can even head to your local thrift store or mall (head to H&M or Urban Outfitters) to pick out a flannel for everyone individually. This look offers a great photo opportunity for you on your wedding day and allows your wedding party to hang out in a comfortable top.


Sunglasses are always a stylish accessory, especially for a summertime wedding. They can aid in photos for a unique photo-op, and your wedding party will appreciate the thoughtful gesture for summer days to come. Sunglasses can be completely personalized depending on a person’s style. Pick out a pair of sunglasses for everyone in your party or even bulk order the same pair for everyone to make the process easy for you.

Wine and whiskey

If your wedding party is excited for the reception portion of your wedding, then kick off the day for them with wine or whiskey. Depending on preference, you can choose a special bottle for everyone. Taking the time to pick out a high-end bottle of alcohol for your friends to enjoy is a thoughtful gesture that shows you took time to consider what they love.


No matter if they have a feminine or tomboy style, the gift of jewelry is always a great option. This way, your wedding party will have a creative twist to pair with their attire for the day. Choose from HauteButch’s array of jewelry – earrings, broaches, and even engraved bracelets are available to give to your party and family members as a thank you gift.

 Suspenders and bowties

If you want your crew looking dapper during your wedding, then bowties are a must. No matter the color scheme of your wedding, we have something for you. Paired with suspenders or even any of the items above, everyone will look ready for your wedding. These items are staples in anyone’s closet for a formal event – rest assured your gifts will go to good use and become conversation starters for events to come.

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HauteButch’s Guide to Bridal Style

You’re engaged, Congratulations! There will be a lot of planning ahead. You’ll make decisions about everything from your engagement photos to invitations to decor, and even the cake. One of the most important things you will decide is your bridal style. Being one of two brides (and grooms too!) gives you a lot of options for what to wear. This can be really exciting or overwhelming. You can go very classy and formal with a tuxedo or dress or casual with a suit and tie. The possibilities are endless. The last things you’ll need are wedding rings to represent your beautiful relationship. Here is a little guide to figure out your bridal style!

Wedding Theme

The first place to start figuring out your bridal style is with the wedding theme. Before you find any pieces of clothing or jewelry, you’ll need to decide what style the wedding is going to be. Is it formal or relaxed? This will change what kind of clothing you need to find. For example, a formal vintage themed wedding would require a sharp tuxedo or suit.

This suit from HauteButch would be perfect! The beautifully detailed fabric is reminiscent of a different time. And you can always incorporate the color scheme into your suit for a pop of color. Theme can be a great pointer for what kind of attire is appropriate for your wedding, but don’t forget this day is all about you! It’s incredibly important to keep your own style in mind while choosing what to wear.


The real question your family will be wondering is what are you going to wear? Even though this may be a question going around, the most critical thing is that you are comfortable on your wedding day. After all, you are the bride! You deserve to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. You can wear a suit in a feminine way or a dress with a suit jacket. Mixing and matching styles is very on trend. Pair your sharp suit with a pair of heels or ultra cool sneakers for a statement.

For the feminine bride, find the dress that matches your personality. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale dress, then find something enchanting. If you don’t want to wear a dress, get a wedding jumpsuit. They can be just as elegant as a gown, but you’re wearing pants!

Wedding Ring

Your wedding rings will be the most meaningful part of your wedding. They are a symbol of your life-long commitment to one another. Every day you’ll look at your ring and be reminded of your wedding day. This is why it’s essential to find a ring that you’ll love to look at! When choosing your wedding ring, think about your personality and lifestyle. This ring should enhance your current jewelry and be something you can wear during most of your daily activities. If you want to choose something unique, you can incorporate gemstones like sapphires or even diamonds.

Jewelers, like Blue Nile, provide a wide range of wedding rings from classic to eye-catching. A bride or groom with personality deserves a unique wedding ring. You can go shopping together or pick out your partner’s for a surprise. Either way, your wedding ring will be a connection that you and
your partner will never forget!

Once you have the wedding ring of your dreams, get a box to protect it (and your partner’s too). This customized HauteButch ring box is a great keepsake, perfect for a rustic chic wedding and can hold both rings safely while your ring bearer is walking down the aisle.

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The Basics of Coordinating Colors

Do you ever find yourself confused with color?

If so, I want to give you some color coordination basics that you can begin to practice immediately.

Remember finger painting in kindergarten? I don’t… but someone reminded me that it was there that we were first introduced to the art of color and their relation to one another.

The Color Wheel

You must know what a color’s associations are and how they strengthen or soften each other.

Once you understand these relationships you begin to see how well certain colors pair with each other.

It’s not as simple as just MATCHING the same colors with each other. It gets tricky because there are combinations that are automatically pleasing to the eye and some that really clash.

Some people may find this info boring, but it’s always the simple things that hold the most power when executed correctly.

A lot of people have the “knowledge” but won’t implement it.

For some of you this may just be a refresher.

So here are the basics of the color wheel…

There are three PRIMARY colors – BLUE, RED, and YELLOW.

Adding lightness and darkness to these primary colors forms all other colors.

Adding any of these two PRIMARY colors together gives you a SECONDARY color.

Primary + Primary = Secondary


Blue + Yellow = Green
Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + Blue = Violet

Then adding measures of light or dark to these colors creates different shades of color as well.

A TERTIARY color is when you mix a SECONDARY color with it’s adjacent PRIMARY color.


Green + Blue or Yellow = Blue-Green or Yellow-Green
Orange + Red or Yellow = Red-Orange or Yellow-Orange
Violet + Blue and Red = Blue-Violet and Red-Violet

With this in mind, adjusting amounts of primary colors combined with level of lightness or darkness can create any color in the universe.

PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel are ANALOGOUS to each other.

Blue’s Analogous = Green and Violet
Orange’s Analogous = Red and Yellow

Analogous colors work well with each other. But only when they are matched according to the levels of light and darkness.

Primary and secondary colors that are opposite each other are COMPLIMENTARY.

Blue is complimentary to orange.
Violet to yellow.
Red to green.

And vice versa.

Pair these colors for a bolder statement. Be careful matching these though, as certain shades will not look good on each other.

I know this is only a small bit of information, but start with this.

1. Print out this color wheel.

2. Remember that Analogous colors work together, but make sure they are of similar value. As a basic color concept, “value” represents the degree of lightness or darkness expressed in every color.

3. Use complimentary colors for a bold statement. Matching complementary colors together is a sign of a confident, knowledgeable dresser, and doing so creates an impressive, color-rich palette.

4. As a general rule of thumb you don’t want to have more than THREE colors in your outfit. So pick three colors to match throughout your entire outfit. Any more than this and it starts getting risky.

5. Use the right colors for your skin tone and coloration. Try different colors against your skin and learn which palettes look best on you. Also, get a second opinion.

Never use holiday colors like red and green UNLESS it is close to that holiday.
Try to avoid gray colors with bright colors such as yellow. (however, I’ve seen this work well under certain conditions)

6. The monochromatic look is always safe.

Lighter and darker shades of the same color can often look good when matched, forming a monochromatic effect.

Keep these things in mind every time you dress yourself and start working on building this eye for color coordination TODAY.


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HauteButch (HB)! Vegas! Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival* (PSWJF)! Put them all together and you have a happily handsome and hard-to-forget happening. 

On September 29, at the South Point Hotel south of the Vegas strip, Lucy & Gail celebrated the Jazz Festival’s Big 15th anniversary, and generously hosted HB’s runway show at their Fashion Lunch.

From either side of the runway/funway, a delicious time was had by all. We dined on our shared lesbian energy and enthusiasm. 

Gail Christian, Karen Roberts and Lucy DeBardelaban: HauteButch meets Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival!

I interviewed Gail and got the following answers:

Q: What was your favorite part of the HauteButch fashion show at the Las Vegas gathering of your PSWJF?

A: I think what made the fashion show special was the presentation. A fashion luncheon with a stage and a runway gives the feel of Fashion Week presentations of top-name designers in NY and LA. The rather elegant setting gave the clothes and the models an upscale atmosphere that made them all the more impressive. It is easier to sell a $100 shirt when you are in a $100 setting.

Q: What did you like about our clothing?

A: Personally, I loved the shirts. I can never find shirts with the right sleeve length.

Q: What do you see as links between HB and PSWJF? 

A: We both market our wares to the same market, Lesbians. HB sells a product and we sell an experience. It would be nice to work together again sometime. Our audience loved the connection. 

Q: Any other comments?

A: In the future what might be a nice touch would be to put feminine women in 6-inch heels in suits and ties. It is an “in” look that is very sexy.

Talk about gender fluidity! Elegance! Mutual admiration! Maybe even moments of love! A perfect fit! The poetry jam and The Red Party! Cross-fertilization of HauteButch and the Gail&Lucy family!

Let’s hear loud lively lesbian applause for HB Founder/CEO/Designer Karen Roberts, and her wife Michelle Porter.

And a big, big thank-you to Operations Manager Danette Sheppard-Vaughn,  Mistress of Ceremonies with a powerfully dramatic singing voice. 

And high-fives to Nik, who helped fit and rehearse our HB models: Jackson, Maria, Kodii, Sheila, Xena, Shane, and me, Rita.

And gratitude to Sharon Hawthorne, HauteButch Investor and our videographer.

*Contact Palm Springs Women’s Jazz festival at:

Extra factoids: “Las Vegas” translates as “the meadows.” Artesian wells made the valley green, and fed the Las Vegas Wash, which runs to the Colorado River. 

Wild horses and burros run free in Red Rock Canyon, just west of Vegas. Consider that as you spin and glitter in the flashing neon casinos.

See us live on the runway at YouTube!

      We want to hear your applause! PLEASE LEAVE US A COMMENT!

[Scroll down for my previous HB articles: dating (parts 1&2), neckwear grammar, shirt architecture, butch fashion her-story, tomboy types, butch sailors, butch baby boomers, butch runway review — all in retro butch writer Courier font.] 


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HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 2

HauteButch can guarantee successful dates for you. We have begun to explore this in “Dapper Dating, Part 1.” Now, let’s look at some nitty-gritty how-to Dating Tips for Girls. 

How to find dates: 

  • online, via OK Cupid or
  • speed-dating parties (musical chairs with eligible strangers)
  • blind dates, getting “fixed-up”
  • “double-date” with a buddy; ride in the back seat  
  • search for your one-and-only, or “play the field” anytime and anyplace. (So, always look snappy in HB!)

Be prepared for a date:

  Order HauteButch items in advance and have them happily ready in your closet, shirts paired with ties paired with vests. 

Dating courtesy:

  • Do not be late for your very important date. Sit up straight with your newsboi cap on your knee, in the polite parlor with the stern chaperone; wait for your Date to make a grand entrance. Stand and bow. Stand and model.
  • Beforehand, put Uber on your phone, load your Clipper card, or wash your car, with your belt-buckle on the side, like James Dean, so as not to scratch your Chevy. Preview the directions on your GPS. Do not get lost on the way to the double-feature and the malt shop and the late-nite lover’s lane.

Dating chemistry:

A date is either a wild success, or a complete and total flop. Spike up that chemical mixture with a sizzling HB outfit.

Stages of Serious Dating:

Spark of interest, approach, flirting, asking for friends’ advice, first date, more dates, Going Steady (or unsteady), Popping the Question, engagement, wedding (Tying the Knot), staying married happily-ever-after. 

U-Haul dating technique:

See her, like her, date her, get her, bed her. The next morning, move in with her, merge with her, marry her, live in bliss together forever-and-evermore.

Stages of recreational dating:

Bachelorettes flirt, date, gyrate on one-night stands. Then repeat. And repeat again.

Non-dating option:

Staying unattached is a perfectly valid choice, too. Solo or coupled, HB will keep you cool and stylish. 

However your dating rolls, an HauteButch outfit will make you confident, poised, and so very suave. 

We are so completely and happily here for you. Do leave us a COMMENT, please!


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HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 1

If you are reading this, chances are you have an interest in clothing style. Indeed, do you harbor a passion for fashion?

If you like what you see here, please LEAVE A COMMENT!

And we cordially invite you to shop HauteButch! We are here for you.

Now let’s examine how to Dress for Dating, and how HauteButch can help you dress for success.

Question: What exactly is a “date,” anyway? 

(a)sweet oblong fruit of the tropical date palm tree   

(b) day of the week, month, year    

(c) occasion to “go out with” somebody, to court them  

Answer: all of the above, but we will focus on (c), the romantic option.

Particularly as tomboys, we dress for comfort. We dress for self-image. And we dress for social reasons: we clothe our bodies to communicate and to attract. Clothing emanates signals, and an HB outfit is a girl-magnet.

   Like peacocks, our colors flash flamboyant, especially when we are hunting for a date. Or a mate!

HauteButch offers fashionistas that flash, that flavor, that fever-pitch of gorgeous tomboy individualized style. If you want to signal HOT,assemble an ensemble from our broad and bold collection.

Note to BabyBoomers: You will relate to the following nostalgic section. In a nutshell, here’s how I’ve dressed for dating in my checkered lesbian career:

(dates approximate – around 1954) In my plaid flannel-lined dungarees, I fell in love with my third-grade teacher when she opened her Saturday apartment door holding a big paintbrush and wearing her husband’s big white shirt.

(1964) I dressed identically with my first beatnik BFF (R.I.P.): Mick Jagger olive green wide-wale corduroys and oxblood Bass Weejun penny loafers with emergency dimes in the slots.

(1967) With my first lover in college, I transgressed in my out-of-control hippie Janis Joplin hair, wrinkled red flannel shirt, baggy denim overalls and moccasins.

(1970) Every Saturday night, my religion was disco dancing (while smoking cigarettes and more) in skin-tight polyester shirts, off-white painter’s pants and platform sandals.

(skip to 1990) San Francisco head-to-toe black licorice leather, or Levi shrink-to-fit 501s, with holes in all the right places

(1994)Levi’s, sans the leather, and retro boy’s striped polo shirts

(2018) I discover HauteButch, boy clothes that fit girls’ bodies! Finally, I am Tailored. What you wear will get you noticed. Turn heads wearing HB’s women’s menswear. See and be seen. Be seen and be heard, in HauteButch. 

Oh, and we are standing by for your COMMENTS!



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HAUTE BUTCH: The Grammar of Neckwear

Let’s look at an HauteButch outfit as an elegant composition. We’ll start with punctuation. (I am a writer who worships punctuation. Read this and you too might fall for the forward-slash and semi-colon of neckwear.)

The HB bowtie is a soft silky horizontal. It is a friendly, perky, cute and dandy hyphen – a short sweet little connecting mark.

The HB necktie, on the other hand, is an absolute vertical. It makes a bold, confident and proud exclamation-mark!

57 inches long (untied) and 2 skinny inches wide, HB’s necktie plunges from Adam’s apple (or rather Eve’s apple) to navel. An arrow pointing sure and true towards the belt line, its southernmost tip leads the eye downward to the happy adventurous zone beneath the trouser’s fly.


Just how is an HB garment designed? HauteButch originator Karen Roberts speaks of “editing” articles of clothing. Let’s trace this creative process: idea-spark, brain-storm, blank slate, rough sketch, sleeping-on-it, sharpening and polishing, and there you are. 

Be cuddly in a “Cotton Candy” knit tie.  Master the Windsor knot. Show off your sartorial expertise when tying Four-in-Hands backwards in a mirror. No baby clip-on bowties or neckties here.

Or, simply strap on the bamboo “Knock on Wood” bowtie, and be an ecological conversation piece.Whether tying the wedding knot with your Significant Other or gaily enjoying a happy-go-lucky, no-strings-attached bachelorhood, you can choose from HB’s 43 neckties and 65 bowties and be glad.

You will surely fall in love with HauteButch! Period.

Oh, and please like us, love us, adore us by LEAVING A COMMENT, with lots of exclamation-marks!


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HAUTE BUTCH: Architecture of the Shirt

Hello, out there in internetville, cyberland! We want to hear from you. Please LEAVE A COMMENT if you feel HauteButch and this blog are Fun with a capital F. 

The Shirt is HauteButch’s signature clothing item. Each piece in HB’s Shirt Bar represents the company’s carefully considered design, exquisite attention to detail, hybrid of nostalgic and futuristic styles and sturdy, sensible manufacture. 

Karen Roberts, HauteButch Founder/CEO/Designer, curates the HB collection with loving care. Look at a shirt inside-out: see the durable construction. Even the interior looks neat. Look at one close up or at a distance: be astonished and astonishing from any angle. Each is a butch masterpiece.

A shirt crafted by HauteButch has a life of its own. Each has a graceful, well-built body which will fit your body. The shirt’s anatomy and yours insist on sharing intimate conversations. 

Do you need a tuxedo shirt for New Year’s Eve, or for your Academy Award and Nobel Prize ceremonies? HB offers you delicious choices.

The Garçon Tomboy Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt, in black or white poplin, features a “fly front placket and curved hem, with an inverted center box pleat in the back.” (Even their descriptions are handsome, elegant and carefully sculpted.) 

Bubble Gum Cufflinks

The French cuffs yearn for cufflinks, and the wingtip collars whisper “bowties.” HB’s jewelry includes biker cufflinks, bubble gum 

cufflinks, timekeeper cufflinks and more. Select from 66 kinds of silk or rayon bowties, floral, polka-dotted or plaid. Some come with comely but not cumbersome cummerbunds and pretty pocket squares.

Another formal shirt is HB’s Garçon Contrast Tuxedo Shirt with yet another yummy description: “… black/white Houndstooth trim applied to interior collar band … contrasting bib shape and fabric … single button contrasting Italian Tab cuffs … rounded hem.” In this shirt you will discover delightful surprises.

For a studious preppy look, check out the Westpointe Shirt. It comes in a sharp and smart windowpane pattern, and the red-and-white option has practical elbow patches for those long evenings writing at your desk.

The Quartermaster Pastel Button Down comes in tasty colors, such as spicy ginger, a hue which is almost a softened earthy chartreuse.

Even the names of HB’s shirts surprise, zing and pop. Here is a sample: Charlie, Foxtrot, Battalion, Citadel, Bravo, Liberty and Bohemian.

Now, shirt terminology has me reaching for my dictionary: split-yoke, mitered cuff, barrel cuffs, whale-back and toggle-back cufflinks, foulard, jacquard, chambray, bird’s eye fabric, point or spread or club or cutaway collars, non-fused interlining, lock stitch, shank buttons, sleeve-head, pocket mouths, finishes and more.

Wrapping it up, HauteButch can dress you in everything from headgear to footwear, from underwear to wedding attire. (Be sure to wear HB honeymoon briefs under your tuxedo.)

Are you a necktie type or a bowtie type, or do you cross-tie? Casual? Go for HB’s tanks, tees, shorts, joggers and hoodies. Dressier? Shop HB’s suit jackets, slacks and generous selection of vests. Super fancy? HB offers you silk neckwear, suspenders and accessories galore.

And shirts! HB’s shirt gallery begs to be explored.

Clothes do indeed make the (hu)man. Buy an HauteButch outfit and feel yourself become three inches taller, gliding and glowing with a new proud and confident walk.

And again, we cordially invite you to LEAVE A COMMENT!