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HAUTEBUTCH Partners With OLIVIA Lesbian Travel

Our team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Olivia Lesbian Travel.


Join our co-founders, Designer and Models on the Majestic Alaska Cruise June 25- July 2nd 2017. HAUTEBUTCH will be featured in the Olivia Marketplace.

Departing from Seattle, WA 8 days 7 nights  of Scenic cruising through Stephens Passage, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria B.C. before returning to Seattle,WA.


With 1900 women, incredible ports of call, nightly entertainment, themed dance parties, literary workshops, a film festival and a chance to see Hautebutch featured on the high seas with Olivia…you don’t want to miss this cruise.


Call Olivia today at ‪800-631-6277‬ or ‪415-962-5700‬, option 1 and mention Hautebutch for a special discount.


You can save $600 per person on your Oceanview Cabin as well!



Olivia Lesbian Travel



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The Dappered Accessory Gift Guide





Where did the year go?

Here we are again at the most wonderful time of the year…or at least it can be. The holidays can be amazing, eating great food, enjoying quality time with the family and friends, holiday parties and the like.

We want to help you avoid the stress of choosing a gift for your beloved butch, tomboy,stud, transguy or androgynous fashionisto by sparking some ideas from this gift guide.


Anchors Aweigh Tie – $23


















Recommending this because it’s a great color, the anchors are classic- this tie can be paired with many combinations.


H Leather Belt- $25.99

H Synthetic Leather Belt2

















Having a belt that fits you and is the right color and style to wear with your pants can elevate your entire outfit. Don’t be caught wearing a vest/pant combo when your vest rises up and you’re absent a cool belt. Why not rock one with an H on it?



Black Dot  & White Dot Tie- $27Black Dot

White Dot












The Dot ties are really popular (hard to keep in stock)  and for good reason. They can be worn along with our Annapolis , Trident & Kairo Shirts or with a solid white or black Garcon Tux Shirt and be stylin’ like crazy. I mean The Most Handsome at the party type stylin’.





HBA Watch – $35

HBA watch1



HBA watch2


A subtle but super dapper styled watch that will just peek out from the cuff of a well made dress shirt demonstrates a well considered outfit…a complete look. Just make sure you pair it with a ring that compliments the watch.


Boutonniere Pins- $15

boutonnière, Butch wedding, lesbian wedding









If you’re gifting this to an individual intent on polishing off the dapper look…this is pure gent style and can be worn on the lapel of a vest, blazer, suit coat or perhaps even a wool sweat vest. They will love you for this one and we have them in a variety of colors.



Raspberry Suspenders- $29.99




















Paging Santa on this one….these are a great gift to be worn when just that extra added pop of color in an accessory is required. Of course you can wear them in a traditional fashion over the top of a shirt but why not try letting them hang also and perhaps rockin’ a red watch or a pair of red shoes, or even a hat with a pop of red along with them. Ewwww, quite dapper indeed.

Rhinestone Crown Brooch – $19.99  &   Copper Collar Bar


Lesbian wedding, Butch wedding, tomboy wedding, mrs and mrs, same sex wedding, love wins, lesbian wedding suits,gender fluid



Collar bar, tomboy style accessories, lesbian wedding attire, Lesbian wedding accessories, genderqueer


Truth be told, this brooch captures dapper royalty like nothing else but the copper collar bar carries its own too. Sometimes we want to wear something other than a bowtie or necktie to elevate an outfit. Voila!


Newsboi Caps – $28 Checkered Cap  &  Leather Newsboi’s

azure checkered newsboi cap





Finish it off with a newsboi….cotton or leather. Both have a place with the fashion forward dapper look. Masculine and stylish. Variety of colors and fabrics here on the site.




Mel-1 afro-model-front DJ-front-2  liz-vest-front


Don’t forget to pick up a crisp dress shirt to go with these accessories…there’s a bunch to choose from in the shirt bar .

If you’d like to compliment the ensemble with one of our vest styles, you’ll find those here.

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The Fosters, Are You A Fan?


Whether you’re an avid fan of The Fosters, or a newcomer to the show, Lucy Hallowell’s most recent recap on AfterEllen will have you caught up in no time! “This week the backdrop for everything is Brandon’s musical production of teen angst, love, loss, and eyeliner. That’s right the entire episode is dedicated to teenagers running around a stage, dancing, singing, fighting, loving, the way that we live.” For the full story, check out the recap. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 


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Tomboy Shoes

No matter whether its winter or summer, the essential tomboy shoes are best for women who love tomboy style clothing. I want you to have a look at the following collection of tomboy shoes that are in style this season.

Our footwear is an ideal style for those tomboys who love mixing femininity with masculinity. Only recently have tomboy style shoes become a typical part of the female wardrobe. They give your tomboy outfit an instant classy touch.

Add some vibrant colors by adding a bow tie or colorful bracelets, that will complement your style. If you still wondering about the color and style for your tomboy outfit, then I highly recommend you check out our accessory section.

Navigate Here to know more about Tomboy Shirts

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Too Sexy For My Tomboy Shirt

These tomboy shirts are not simply for rainy days. You can wear them to reveal to the world how you rock your tomboy style.

You should also have a tie to accessorize almost any tomboy shirt.

No, it does not need to be a stuffy tie that resembles one from some old granddad. There are terrific ties out there that have contemporary designs, so go nuts and pic a couple of  them that fit who you are.

Denims, tshirts and hoodies are definitely staples to tomboys out there, so if you do not have any you have to go and get some. It is very important that you get some that will fit just they way you like to wear them.

The tomboy shirt you wear defines your character to everybody who is looking. When choosing clothes it is crucial for you to pick the ideal tomboy clothes.

Browse here to get more information on Tomboy Outfits

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Three Things Every Tomboy Should Have In Their Closet

If you are a tomboy, the way you dress will define your personality to everyone who is looking. That is why it is so important for you to choose the right items when selecting clothing. You must have the following three items in your closet, or your tomboy card will surely be revoked.

You must have a good tie. No, it doesn’t have to be a stuffy one that looks like it belongs to some old granddad. There are great ties out there that have modern styles, so go crazy and pic a few that fit who you are.

Jeans are certainly a staple to tomboys out there, so if you don’t have any you need to go and get some. It is important that you get some that fit well and can be worn with a shoe if you are going for a dressed up look, or a sneaker if you prefer to dress down.

You must have a hat or two. These are not just for rainy days. You can wear them to accessorize and show the world that you are the boss of all the tomboys. Grab a few and have fun with it.

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Our Tomboy Clothes Are Sure To Please

It’s hard to find a good source for tomboy clothes, but that’s going to change once you learn about our company. We offer great styles that obscure what sex you are. Whether you’re a man or woman, you can make this work for you with no problems.

It can help you make a statement about who you are, or you can just enjoy the clothing as you wish because you feel comfortable in it. Nobody should have to deal with clothing they do not like. We offer many fashionable choices, and you will feel like you found a place that understands your need to dress the way you do.

We offer many sizes and shapes of clothing so that you know what you’re getting will fit. Make sure you go through and look at all the styles we have s well. This way, you can know what you’re able to get and you can start to make a list of what will work for you that you can get when you have the funds.

Shop at our tomboy clothing store and you’re sure to be pleased. Nobody should be ashamed with what they wear. You can look and feel great once you try on and wear our clothing options.

Click Here to get more information about Tomboy Outfits

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Planning for a Wintertime Butch Wedding

upload_1443598785Planning a butch wedding at any time of year usually requires lots of work, forethought, and attention to detail, but wintertime weddings often have their own set of concerns and items to consider. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate and have snow and frigid temperatures to contend with. Be prepared is the best tactic to make your winter butch wedding a smashing success!

We’ve rounded up some of the best winter wedding tips for you below. If you have any to add to the list, we’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list!

Location – Your choices here are nearly as wide open as for weddings any other time of year. However, there are a few things you should consider: 

  1. Is the site adequately heated? (This is not necessarily a deal-breaker. If you feel the venue’s temperature is a bit chillier than you’d like, you can always have wool blankets available for your guests. Blankets monogrammed with you and your bride’s initials might even make fantastic wedding favors!)
  2. Does it offer a cozy and inviting environment that fits with your overall theme?
  3. Are there plenty of nearby parking options available?
  4. Will it be difficult for your guests to get to if it is snowing?

49d1ff01a111ef9e8b404fad06f1e16fPhotographs – The weather and lighting during winter need to be kept in mind, especially if you are planning to have some outdoor pictures taken. If your heart is set on pictures of you and your love with a snowy backdrop, keep in mind that the weather is a fickle friend and there is no guarantee you’ll have a “white wedding.” So, have a backup pl
an in place to avoid any heartache of not getting the perfect shot. Also, if you’re planning to get wedding party shots taken outside, make sure everyone will be warm  enough, or willing to brave frigid temperatures and put on a smile. Also, if natural lighting and outdoor photos are a priority for you, make sure you plan your wedding for early enough in the day.

Flowers – Your selection of flowers will be lower in winter than summertime, but fortunately there are still lots of festive, elegant, and creative options available. Think poinsettias, eucalyptus, pine cones, evergreen boughs, and holly.

Color Schemes – Winter definitely lends itself to darker shades and more muted tones than a summer time wedding. Red and green, or blue and silver, accents can look especially festive and seasonal.

Attire – The crisp temperatures of winter create the perfect backdrop for a stylish houndstooth newsboi to accessorize your butch wedding attire. And under your tux, make sure you’re sporting a long sleeve dress shirt accented with a bowtie, suspenders, or cufflinks from HauteButch. We’ve got all of your Butch Wedding in Winter essentials covered!

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Part of the Weird and Queer Trendsetting Pack!


WineWe are proud revolutionaries and trendsetters at HauteButch. We take our status as an innovative company in the butch, queer, and transgender space very seriously. It’s at the heart of what we do as we work to pursue our core values of: integrity, courage, inspiration, respect and humility, and quality. We hold the vision to build a fashion, footwear and lifestyle brand that celebrates diversity, inspires acceptance and fosters the expression of individuality. We want to completely set a new standard and class for the way our community shops for clothes. Ours is a vision that requires great conviction and courage.

So, it’s an honor when we are recognized for our values, vision, and trendsetting ways. Such is the case with our place on’s list of “Fashion Gets Weird And Queered: 22 Designers Starting a New Trend.” Being included in this list of “designers who are leading and shaping queer fashion movement,” colleagues that are shaking up and revolutionizing the fashion space for our community, is a thrill! Check out the full list here.