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Finding a Label that Fits

Let’s talk about labels for a moment, my friends.

I used to hate labels. I felt that labels boxed me into a neat little package that society could use to make instant judgments about me without taking the time to get to know the real me. That made me angry. Tell you what – I used to have a real problem with labels.

Until I figured out that it wasn’t the labels that were the problem. It was the fact that I wasn’t the one choosing my own label.

Don’t try to define me. I am the only one who can define myself. I get to choose my own label.

That realization changed the way I look at labels. I want one now.

But how does one pick a label?

I have a few labels in mind that I like, and several that I can eliminate immediately. I’m not a femme. I don’t feel like boi is a perfect fit. I like butch but I don’t think I’m quite that awesome.


Right now, I’m trying on “soft butch” for size. I like it. I think it fits. If that label turns out to be ill-fitting, I can easily return it and try on another. I don’t know which label I’ll go with, but I do know that I’m free to pick my own and to swap it out with another whenever I feel like it, or even continue on with my previously label-less existence.

hautebutch wingtip tuxedo shirt for tomboys and butch womenI want a label that fits, though. I’m taking my time to make sure I choose one that fits. I’m not sure which label it will be, but I do know one thing for sure – I love the Hautebutch label.

I got a HB shirt this week. It was fancy, yo. My shirt came with those little clear bobby pin things holding the sleeves in place. My shirt had strip of plastic to hold the collar’s shape. The buttons were thicker than I had imagined. I have a thing for buttons, fam. I thought they would be nice but I was not anticipating the luxurious feeling of the solidness of those black buttons.

The feeling that I got from undoing all those protective things put into place with such care is inexplicable. It was more than just getting a shirt in the mail. More than getting a new article of clothing to dress up in. More than those neat, perfect lines of black stitching.

I unfolded my shirt, held it up, and took a long look at that Hautebutch label.



I knew right then that no, I have not picked from soft butch, androgynous, stem, and all the rest, but I do know that I have found one perfect label for me:


What’s your label? Do you have one? Let us know how you self-identify. And help me out here, yeah? How did you choose your label?

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The Icing on the Butch Wardrobe Cake

After checking out last week’s blog, a friend said, “So, hats, huh?” I have to be honest. I hadn’t really thought that part out, but their comment made me give the topic some serious thought.


What is it about hats that works for a tomboy’s wardrobe, rounds out a well-dressed butch’s closet, tops off the transman’s style? The more I thought about it, the more I realize that pretty much everyone I know loves hats, no matter how they self-identify.

I had a hard time pinning down the “why” of why family loves hats. I know I love them, but when I ask myself why that is, I can’t come up with one solid answer.

Ask me why I like suspenders and I will tell you: “Because they scream cool. They are stylish. They work with many styles. Suspenders are just rare enough to make the wearer stand out.”

Button-up shirts? “Because they are classic. They make me feel good. They are androgynous in themselves, in that I can dress them up or dress them down. Wearing a button-up shows that I put effort into my look.”

Hats? Um…

Okay, fam. Time to do what I do – let’s take it to the Hautebutch models to find out how hats work for them, and learn from what they do.


(Was it just me, or did anybody else hear delighted gasps resound from those butch-loving readers out there?)



Here’s a fine look if I ever saw one. First of all, this beanie looks warm. Maybe that’s the first thing I notice because the wind is blowing winter back in, but warmth is key right now.

The thing with this stud style, though, is one can wear a sweet beanie such as this whenever they choose. Warm weather does not deter the truly dedicated beanie fan from sporting this chill look, regardless of weather.




If you are a fan of the snapback look, check this out – Hautebutch has six fly looks to choose from. Ranging from the white-on-white cap with HAUTE boldly embroidered across to the smoking hot black leather hotness shown here, there are snapbacks for every look you are going for.

Side note: These can dress up a look or dress it down, depending on how you wear them. Don’t forget to take color and other accessories into account when choosing which way to tip that scale, yo.



Remember how we just talked about how there are six snapbacks to choose from? Um… you might want to sit down for this. Hautebutch has ten newboi caps from which to make your selection. TEN.

That’s one for every day of the week, plus three to swap out. I know. That was a bad example, but let me tell you what – my focus is fully on these epic newsboi hats, not math.

I feel like the newsboi falls into the same category as suspenders. Anyone in this sort of cap gains major style cred from strutting their stuff in this iconic style. Take a tip from these hot HB models and add sunglasses to drive the look home.



So what’s the takeaway message here, folks? Hats are cool. Hats are fun. Hats are easy to add or remove on the fly, which allow you to change up your look on the go.

Whether you add a hat to dress your look up or dress your look down, just remember the most important thing: Do you, my friends. Always.

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Effortless Butch Style Requires Effort

Is it just me, or is dressing up is far easier than dressing down? Anybody with me on this one? I mean, an outfit for a more formal event is not that difficult to plan.

Ironed shirt – check. Pressed slacks/suit jacket – check. Tie/bowtie – check. Vest, studs, polished shoes – check, check, boom. Done.

Walk out the door looking like a Hautebutch model, catching the eye of everybody at the event like nobody’s business.

I can dress up just fine. It’s the dressing down that kills me sometimes. My goal there is to look like I just threw on the first thing in reach, ran my hands through my hair, and jetted out looking effortlessly hot.


But guess what? If I actually DO throw on the first thing in reach, I end up looking like a slob. That is not okay – that doesn’t make a good impression on anybody. I want to feel good about what I put out into the world.

Here’s the thing. The effortless look requires effort. It just does. Sad but true, right?

Let’s take a look at some Hautebutch styles and see what works here.



All right, check out this hot model strutting down the sidewalk like they own it. Hey, what do I know? Maybe they do.

Given those cool shades, the head-to-toe solid black look, the well-fitting T-shirt, and the way they have one hand casually slid into the pocket of those sweet jogger shorts, this boss could own the whole town.

This is our first example. You know that they did not roll out of bed looking this hot. This look required effort, and yet to the casual observer, it looks effortless.

Notes made. Moving on.





Okay, so how about this look? A classic black T-shirt, eye-catching necklace, and a snapback hat flipped around backwards.

Simple, right? Actually…yes. Just have these items on hand and you really could just grab and go.

Preparation, my friends.




All right. I’m liking this look. What do you think?

See, accessorizing is key to pretty much all styles. This model sports a simple yet powerful white T-shirt and tops it off with a vest.

The vest is what drives this androgynous outfit home, fam. It dresses it up just enough to look special and yet still effortless.

Yeah, I like it. Let’s keep going here…



What does this shirt say? The TRUTH, yo. The truth. Well, for some of us, anyway. Let me regain my focus here.

See, what works with this look is that it is calm and strong. Maybe it’s just that model that pulls this look off so well, but I think it’s in the way the hat is tilted just so. The shirt fits well. The pants are a complementary color.

This works, my people. It does. Simple, stylish, hot. Okay, one more.



You caught me. I’ve used this picture before. You know what, though? I don’t care, because it speaks to me. Loudly.

This chill look just calls to me. We’re back to a simple base look (black T) that’s made special by accessorizing.

Pink suspenders + black hat + classic look = ridiculously attractive.




Okay, gang, that’s all I’ve got. The takeaway message here is it pays to put effort into looking effortless. As always, thank you for reading, please tag us in any social media you post, and carry on, my people.

Comments are always greatly appreciated. See you next week.









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A Hot Hautebutch Model Extravaganza

Gather round, my people. I have to apologize to you all, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart.

Several blog readers let me know that I failed you last week. There were not nearly enough hot Hautebutch models to satisfy their needs, they told me. Not even close.

As much as I hate to admit it, my readers are correct. I let you down.

In an effort to right my wrongs, I have decided to convert this week’s blog into a Hautebutch model showcase extravaganza.

*Disclaimer: No one affiliated with Hautebutch is responsible for the drool on your laptops/phones/whatever device you are using to eye this candy.


Wait just a minute, you masculine-of-center readers might be thinking. Hold up. What about me? No worries, my friends. Here’s the thing– readers are clamoring for more Hautebutch models. You, butches, studs, and tomboys, transmen and androgynous, label-less and more– you can scroll through and find what it is that works so well for these models.

Attitude. Style. Fashion sense. Dressed to the nines. Scratch that… dressed off the charts. The words are for you, my fellow MOC folk.

Now get ready, because it is about to rain some Hautebutch models, yo.


Check out hot stuff here. Casual, cool, calm, sizzling. This androgynous outfit may seem effortless, but trust– it takes planning and preparation. The racerback tank is just fitted enough to show the HB model’s frame, but loose enough to keep it casual.

You’ll want to pair the tank with a color on the opposite side of the color wheel (see more about colors in last week’s blog), like these shorts that polish off the look.



Okay, so this model is so Haute that I had to go with an entire collage to show off the mad style going on here.

Sure, it’s a great shirt, paired with good-looking white slacks. But look closely, my people. Note the tie. The eye-catching vest. When dressing your best, it’s all about the details.


Don’t go out wearing this hot tomboy fashion unless you are fast on your feet, because looking this good could cause people to swoon. Luckily, this outfit is loose-fitting so you can get there in time to save the day.

Note again that this style depends on attention to detail. White/black top to bottom, and boom. Ready to turn heads.





This model looks all focused in on something, a quiet smile on their face. You know why? They know they look good.

Confidence can afford to be quiet when you look this good, my friends. A bowtie casually thrown around the neck, the shirt collar popped up. One word for this look: Hot. 


Cadet Shirt by Hautebutch. Button up with Navy Horizontal lines. Tomboy, Butch style.



Five words come to mind when looking at this Hautebutch model: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Once again, take note of details. This model has all buttons done up, made sure to get the right size, didn’t shop in the men’s department for this look. How do you know for sure? Because it fits. Slims the curves up top. Smooth lines make for a smooth look.



Okay, so granted, this hot model is on a runway. That would explain the poise, the bravado, the energy that makes this look just pop.

And yes, I will admit it. This one is for the people who wanted more– those who cried out for MORE hot Hautebutch models.

However, this just goes to show that no matter what the occassion, no matter where you go sporting your Hautebutch wardrobe, confidence is a key component. I don’t know about you all, but I feel the most confident when I am dressed well.




Here’s one last hot Hautebutch model for you to take some fashion tips from. Check the attitude one last time. Simple yet striking black T, a pair of awesome shades, and attitude for days.

This is how it is done, my friends. This.



For my readers with a grudge from last week, I hope this Hautebutch model storm has appeased you. Please continue to let me know what you think. Leave us a comment, drop us a note, get in touch.

As for the MOC folk, tag us in your Hautebutch attire pics on social media! Let the world see that you, too, are a hot Hautebutch.

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Butch Clothes for Every Color of the Rainbow

With spring right around the corner, it is time for you masculine-of-center folk to start considering the fact that it’s time to buff up that wardrobe big time. To help you focus your search for new style, we break down the colors of the Pride rainbow, one by one.

Red – Life

This bold color shines on many different skin tones, popping out all sorts of features on the person strong enough to wear it. A little research showed that there is a tone of red for every skin tone out there. Luckily, Hautebutch has many red products to pick from. How about rocking this red leather Newsboi Cap that combines the hotness of red with the coolness of the style? Or take a look at this V-Neck Tee that will never lead you astray.

Orange – Healing

Orange has the reputation for inspiring creativity, which cannot be denied when you take a look at this unique skinny tie. While typically thought of as a fall color, you can flaunt this burnt orange Diver Bracelet all year long, no worries.

Yellow – Sunlight

Any one of you butches could show up in this awesome tank with the bold yellow lettering and look good. Yellow is recommended for people with warm skin tones, so get out there and show off the color known to spread happiness. 

(And in case you didn’t notice, here’s a hot Hautebutch model for all of you butch-lovers out there. I got you.)

Green – Nature

Green, associated with abundance and luck, is an earthy color that comes in a million different shades. Check out this good-looking Skipper Tee.

Turquoise – Art

Class up your tomboy wardrobe with a pair of this haute Royal Truncs. Blue/turquoise wearers give off a confident vibe with a touch of authority – perfect for any butch’s style selection. I don’t know about you all, but I think these truncs = art. 


Indigo – Harmony

You can butch up your wardrobe with indigo by adding these incredible cufflinks. Indigo, known as a power color, only strengthens the power of the captivating geometrical shape of these.

Violet – Spirit

Let your spirit fly free by sporting this hot violet Rush Racerback Tank, or for a more formal look, how about this deep Purple Passion Tie. I think the name speaks for itself on that one.

Pink – Gone but never forgotten

In the original Pride flag, pink was at the top. If you are signed up for the Hautebutch email, you will know my thoughts on butches + pink. This email hasn’t gone out yet, so sign up now. You can find the form at the bottom right of the Hautebutch homepage. If you don’t sign up… I guess you will just have to wonder. (And those emails include specials, sneak peeks, promo codes, etc. Don’t miss out, fam!)

The colors that you wear matter. Choose your colors with Pride… and with Hautebutch by your side.

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Hautebutch Saves the Day

This one is a doozy of a blog post. A whole new product line, a tale of woe, a happy ending… but first off, let me give the fans what they want. That’s right, I heard you, and I listen. You want more of the Hautebutch models. So here you go.

Now calm yourselves and get ready to listen, because it is true confession time. I messed up big-time last weekend, fam. I’m talking an epic fail. You’ve heard the term “wardrobe malfunction” before, right? I had a major one.

I can’t believe I’m about to put this out into the world, but you know what? You all need to hear this so you can avoid making the same mistake, and I need to say this so I will correct myself and get right. Let me paint this picture for you…

I like a local band that has a huge following, and I try to make it out as often as I can. They played last Saturday, so I dug through my closet for something to go out looking fine in. I had nothing to wear.

Nada. As in, nada thing to wear, because despite the fact that I seriously just wrote a blog post about the necessity of having a strong butch wardrobe ready for any occasion – I didn’t. Zero excuses I had.

I’ll tell you more about the weekend in a minute, but first I must lay some good news down: I can do something to prevent this from happening again, and you can prevent it from happening to you, ever. How, you ask?

Hautebutch’s new clothing line, that’s how. Check out this madness, my friends. Take a look at these stylish shirts coming hot off the press. Any one of these shirts is exactly what I needed on Saturday. One of these fine new shirts would have taken my look from sharp to razor sharp.

Here’s why the Cadre would have made all the difference in my ability to look on point – check out that fit. There I was, bumming around, when I could have planned ahead and ordered this attention-grabbing shirt made just for the likes of me. I have curves – curves that I do not flaunt. Curves this shirt is made to tame. I mean, look at those lines!

These new shirts are slim, trim, and look incredible. A person decked out in one of these new Hautebutch shirts is ready to see and be seen. Anywhere.

The Cadre is impeccable. The colored yoke makes the shirt. I love the way it shows even under a vest, calling out the detail of the shirt. This one is ready to roll out, so order it now and start that trend.


Now here are some hidden gems (coming soon) that I have been given a sneak peek at, and let me tell you, I had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard. I want! I want!

The Port Side brings casual up to not the next level but beyond any level. This is the kind of shirt I need to have several of, because I could rock this out at the movies with friends, at brunch with a date, or under a stylish suit jacket for an evening out.

Here’s the CW Officer. Take a look at those buttons. I’m a button geek, I guess, but hey. The clean lines of this shirt make those buttons pop.

Now the Major, with the cuffs and color– wow. It might just be me, but I do not see this kind of sleek style anywhere else. I am in love with this shirt.

Or am I in love with the Master Sergeant? Okay, I will admit it. I’m in love with them all. The Master Sergeant’s center box pleat and two buttons on the cuffs do me in.

Oh, you wanted short sleeves? No problem. Hautebutch is here for you. Check out the Liberty shirt — could there be a better name for a shirt that frees you up to look fabulous anywhere you go? Doubtful.

Enough of these new shirts for now — back to my tale of woe. I haven’t yet revealed all that happened last weekend. I’m telling all here, people.

I had no fine Hautebutch shirt for the concert, remember? So I left a bit early, planning to stop by an old faithful store to pick up a shirt on the way. I had shopped this store before, and they always had one rack of shirts that would do in a pinch.

Guess what? Nope. I wasn’t about to shop the flowery shirts in the women’s department. A salesman came up – in my desparation, I had wandered into the men’s department. He asked if he could help me. Those shirts don’t fit. There was no helping this poorly-dressed procrastinator.

I ended up wearing my backup shirt, went to hear the band, ran into practically everyone I know in the community, and had a good time despite my lack of preparation, and despite not looking as good as I wanted to.

To be a hot butch/eye-catching stud/androgynous looker/cool tomboy/sexy transguy/[insert preferred label here, or better yet, no label at all], you’ve just got to have it together. Or at least, I do. I want to look good out there, especially out with the community, you know? My people.

True confession, which my wardrobe malfunction story totally verifies: I’m not a clothes horse. I like to look good, but I don’t like to put a lot of time and effort into it. Hautebutch came and saved me. These fine new shirts will skyrocket my look with ease. Join me in my quest to go from sharp to razor sharp.

I think the Port Side might be my new all-time favorite shirt. Which of these catches your eye?

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Stylish Tomboys


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about what kind of gift you want to bestow upon your sweet person this year. If they are into Tomboy styles, we have some great options that can round out their wardrobe and keep them looking stylish in 2018.

Check out a few of our favorites here!

3-Piece Navy Suit
Every fashion-conscious tomboy or butch needs a solid men’s suit made cut the right way for their body. A classic navy suit is a wardrobe staple and can come in handy on all kinds of occasions, from a wedding to a work event to a run, fancy party. This 3-piece Lesbian Suit features Saint Harridan jacket and trousers paired with a double-breasted yeoman vest by HauteButch. You can have it tailored for your person to get it fit right to their exact measurement.



Few things make a better V-day gift than super sexy underwear. These HauteButch Boxer Briefs are made just like men’s, but to fit tomboy women. They look great under pants or on their own and you can choose from grey, white or black in the perfect size for your sweetheart.




Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set
Tomboys and butches look smoking in a suit, that’s just a fact. But when you top it with a perfectly paired bow tie and pocket square combo, you’re taking it to a whole new level. Whether you’re looking for a classic Polka Dot Bentley style, an everyday Bubble Gum look or an eye-catching floral print, we’ve got you covered. Bow ties are a chance to show off a little flair and a matching pocket square is just the hint of color that ties the whole outfit together. Great choice for lesbian wedding wear!


Rainbow Suspenders 
Suspenders make a fantastic pairing with a button up and jeans, over a t-shirt or under a suit jacket. They are a timeless accessory that tomboys can always rock and these rainbow suspenders are the perfect way to look dapper and let the gay shine through! They make a great gift for the tomboy in your life.



BGG Silicone Watch 
A watch is a stylish accessory that a lot of people don’t always think to buy for themselves – that’s why it makes a great gift. This BGG Silicone Watch is one of our favorites because you can wear it with pretty much any kind of look, formal or laid-back. You can choose from a clean, white face with a white silicone band or an all-black model, depending on what your Valentine would prefer. If you can’t decide, why not get both!


 HauteButch Gift Card
If you know that your love wants some new wardrobe additions to freshen up their hautebutch look but aren’t sure what kind of thing they would like best, get them a gift card! That way they can browse through the store and pick out the items they like best. Gift cards come in $25, $50 and $100 increments depending on how much you want to spoil your date. Being able to pick out your own favorite looks is one of the best gifts anyone can get.


Head to our shop to check out all the other great clothing and accessories we have available for dapper folks out there!

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Suspenders – Defying Gender Stereotypes


Last week, we discussed the necessity of having a solid butch wardrobe for every occasion. This week, let’s focus in on the accessory that every barrier-breaking, non-conforming, well-dressed person out there needs – suspenders.

Suspenders are far less commonly seen than they deserve. Why is that? Who doesn’t do an admiring double-take when they spot a well-dressed stud sporting a pair?

Suspenders add a definitive statement to butch fashion, and that statement is: I have style – mad style.


What is it about suspenders that add so much to their wearer’s look? Why do tomboys decked out in suspenders have that swagger to their walk, that added pep in their step, that extra extra that catches the eye of so many?

One word: Confidence. Those in suspenders know they look good. And they are correct. 

Suspenders can be worn in several ways. For a lesbian wedding, you’ll want to be dressed formally, so the best butch fashion choice will be over the shoulders and fastened to those suit pants, just like they wore them back in the day. However, you can pop them off the shoulders and let them dangle out from under your suit jacket while you wear out the reception dance floor after the ceremony.


You don’t have to be wearing a two- or even three-piece suit to show off those suspenders, though. Consider wearing them out to dinner with your baby, maybe over a nice tomboy shirt. Those who are truly daring can try suspenders out with a more dressed-down androgynous style. Shorts, T-shirt, suspenders = insta-cool.

Now the thing about the Hautebutch suspenders line is this– so many options. Leather, elastic, black, brown…pretty much every color of the rainbow, up to and including these truly awesome rainbow suspenders. Which should you choose? Depends on the look you’re going for.

For a formal event, leather suspenders pull you to the next level. Choose from classic black or brown, or consider branching out and sporting a pair of unusual sky blue suspenders. We seriously doubt anyone else will have such a fine pair as yours.


Elastic suspenders are generally seen at more casual occasions; however, we know you all– you want to raise the bar on gender-breaking fashion. Why not mix it up? Strap those leather suspenders onto some shorts, and pair your red elastic suspenders with a suit and classy bow tie.

Here’s the thing about suspenders – they add the final touch. Think of suspenders as being the white bow on that iconic blue jewelry box. Without the bow, it’s just a regular box. The joy of receiving a gift like that is pulling off the white bow in one slow, smooth, anticipatory tug. Give someone the gift of you, in suspenders.

Need more convincing? How about this list of icons who shine in their suspenders: Ellen DeGeneres, Humphrey Bogart, Ryan Gosling, Tyra Banks, Marlon Brando– you look at that list and only two common threads tie these fine folk together: fame and suspenders.

Add yourself to that list, my people. That’s your true gender-defying fashion statement. Own it.

Have you dared to raise the bar with your tomboy wardrobe yet? Talk to us. What are your thoughts about the suspender style? Can you pull it off? Tell us in the comments!

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Build Your Tomboy Wardrobe for Every Occasion

We’ve all seen the butch who always looks totally put-together, no matter the occasion, right? You know who we’re talking about – the butch who rocks the suit and tie at the more formal affair, or fits right in at the dive bar with some epic red pants no one but they would dare to even attempt.

Don’t just stand there being jealous and hoping your date isn’t eyeballing that well-dressed butch. Step up your game with this handy guide of how to look spot-on no matter where you are.



Your partner’s bestie is tying the knot at the swanky event space downtown, and of course, you are the arm candy. This is your time to shine.

While pulling off dressy tomboy fashion may seem difficult, it’s really just a matter of attention to detail. Class up that suit and tie with a tie bar and suspenders, buff up those tux shoes, pop in some snazzy studs, and make your date proud.





While it might be acceptable to dress more casually for a dinner date, come on – it’s time to step up, remember? Just because you can look less than a perfect 10 does not mean you should. Rise up.

Class up your tomboy wardrobe with some Hautebutch swag such as an open vest over a button-up and some funky shoes. Consider a loose tie – loose because come on, we’re not at a formal event, right? Don’t forget to accessorize with a unique androgynous bracelet or watch to add that final polish to your look.



This category can be tough for a butch. You don’t want to look like you tried too hard, but you definitely don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on yesterday’s clothes, either.

Think about the destination. Are you going to a museum first, then to the food truck festival? First of all, way to be cultured. Now consider a sweet long-sleeved T, jogger pants, and a hat to top off the outfit. That’s right – you’re wearing outfits now, because you care about what you’re putting out into the world.

Or is this a casual lunch with your date’s friends – friends you are meeting for the first time? Breathe. You’ve got this. Shake hands with confidence while sporting a button-up shirt over a pair of shorts, mixing fashion with casual for a great first impression. Top it off with sunglasses – just don’t mess up your hair, yo.



Sure, it’s cold out now, but spring is just around the corner, giving you just enough time to get your casual outdoor wardrobe ready for greatness.

For those picnics, pool parties, or amusement park rides, a good look is a pair of stylish board shorts, a fitted tank to show off your figure, and of course, a button-up, worn open, to add to your solid butch fashion. 



Valentine's gift, Butch fashion, menswear for women, Butch gear,tomboy clothing online, tomboy stores, tomboy shop, butch clothes, boxers for women, boxers for girls, tomboy boxers,stud style, androgynous fashion, lesbian wedding attire, lesbian groomsTHE AFTER-PARTY

This category could follow any of the others, and although you might not be expecting it to happen, you need to be prepared. Always. A solid tomboy clothing wardrobe has to include every detail – the shirts, the pants, the accessories… the undergarments.

No butch wants to be caught with ratty boxers. Putting effort into your look must include every detail. Always be ready with these ultra-impressive briefs and fitted tanks.

* * *

Make sure that your wardrobe contains at least one outfit suitable for every occasion, so no matter what arises, you will be ready to dress to impress at a moment’s notice. Even on those casual dates, it’s important to look your best.

Or hey – if you’re single and just out with friends, you never know whose eye you will catch with your put-together tomboy look. It pays to be prepared, my friend.

What is your favorite – dress up or dress down? Leave us a comment to let us know what you like to wear for different occasions! 

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3 Reasons to Stop Shopping in the Men’s Department for a Masculine Look

If you’re trying to get a masculine look, then you know your outfit and accessories can set the tone. Finding the right gear to wear that expresses your tomboy swag doesn’t have to be limited to the men’s section of your local department store, either. There are tons of benefits for wearing masculine clothes made to fit the female form for women and trans guys versus relying on the men’s department stores.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. You Won’t Get the Right Fit

When you shop at a place like Men’s Warehouse or at a men’s section in the department store, you’ll come across a ton of suits and clothes made for men. But the clothing available in these places are made to fit the male body. That means you can end up getting pants that may be too long or shirts that are too tight in the chest area. If your clothes don’t fit right, then you won’t look right. Instead, consider shopping for clothes designed for your body and up to size 5X, such as HauteButch’s suit slacks or Yeoman vest.


2. You’ll Have Less Color and Pattern Selections

Men’s clothing typically have less color and pattern options than clothing made to fit the female form. You’ll typically see “safe” neutral palettes for suits and ties or the standard blue and black color choices and striped patterns. But when you shop for clothing made for the trans guy or female form, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of androgynous rich color schemes.


You can even go for a vibrant look, such as the bold bright red of HauteButch’s Chili pepper chinos or unique floral pattern of the blue sky floral with pocket square.

3. You’ll Have Style Limitations   

Shopping in a men’s clothing store may limit you to styles designed just for men. But there are tons of styles to choose from when you shop for clothes made to fit women or transguys. From androgynous styles to tomboy fashion to fashionisto looks, you can find a wide selection of styles when you’re shopping in the right place. HauteButch offers all these looks and more, including the tomboy and fashionisto styles of its Annapolis tomboy shirt or Authentic collection white pullover.

HauteButch for Haute Fashionisto Looks 

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