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New Vests on the Horizon

I had a dress-up thing a few weeks ago, so I put on my best HB shirt, some pressed slacks, and boom. Done.

Would have been fine except for what my friend wore. That butch showed up in a nice button-up shirt, pressed slacks…and a neck tie, tie bar, and vest.

So while my attire passed and I was not under-dressed, I recognized the difference between my look and my friend’s. They added the essential details that took the look from sharp to razor sharp. I had not. Yikes.

I’m hurrying up to add a vest to my wardrobe, fam.

Like, yesterday.

And get this – while I’m thinking I need to shop HauteButch vests, I get a note from HB’s very own Karen Roberts about expanding the vest line.

What what?

Get this. Instead of just deciding on what type of vest material seems good to her and running with it, the founder of HB is requesting your assistance.

HauteButch’s current line of vests seems awesome enough to me, but it’s about to go viral, and you can be part of the growth, yo.

Here’s the question: Would you rather see some additional solid colors, such as gray and tan – that sort of thing – or would you prefer something along the lines of patterned material?

We are requesting your assistance with this decision. Please take a second and hit this to vote on what you would like to wear (or see your hot butch wear), and then keep an eye on the site for the new looks to pop up.

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions. You = da best.

25 thoughts on “New Vests on the Horizon

  1. Solid colours I think are much easier to accessorise and dress up and dress down. I think you’re right to go with more solid colours.

    1. Very good point. Thank you so much for the feedback! Good stuff.

  2. I think maybe a brown, darker red color almost marooning, and a gray would be nice. Maybe a navy in just a regular vest style.

    1. Great! Notes made. Thank you!

  3. I prefer a plain vest so that it dresses up a patterned shirt. At the same time, I am one who prefers solids all around.

    1. Thank you for adding that last bit to your comment, as it gives a bigger picture of your style, which is awesome. Thanks a lot for the contribution!

  4. Different Solid colours are best .

    1. So far, that is four for solids, zero for patterns… on here, anyway! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what you think. Much appreciated!

  5. Solid colors are much preferred. They are also preferred in the colors that go with the seasons. Bottom round cut as well as sharp cuts are also great. Giving the option of fitted (as long as size is known) and traditional adjustable will also go hand in hand. Patterns are too difficult to coordinate when it comes to event or simple dress.

    1. Wool or mixed material?

    2. Thanks for letting us know what you prefer! We appreciate it!

  6. Patterns! Please! Herringbone, stripes…I would love to see some traditional menswear patterns. Or if solids are the choice, I vote for brighter/more vivid colors like an indigo or a lavender.

    1. Finally some pattern love! Thank you for the detailed feedback!

  7. Solids the way. But I do love the belt color on the black vest with an awesome gold design. Maybe solids with a touch of colors. That makes an ordinary vest just pop!

    1. That’s a good perspective. Thank you for letting us know!

  8. While traditional solids are the go to sometimes they can be boring. For special events a pop of color and pattern is good, for the work place maybe not so much. I’ve only worn a vest a couple times and it was for away from the office type events. There is a way to add color and pattern that wouldn’t be so shocking to the office place it’s just finding that perfect combination. Great question though and good feedback from the others too.

    1. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. Definitely agree that what style you want depends on where you wear it. Good point!

    1. Solids are getting a lot of love here, that’s for sure! Thank you for adding your voice!

  9. Needless to say, I love all of your vests I have all four of them and constantly get complemented on and when I wear them. I would like to see both more solid colors more plaids more prints. Because I have a variety of different type of clothing that I’d like to wear that would go good with all of that, hope to see it in the future.

    1. Hey, that is awesome that you have four HB vests! Way to represent, fam! Thank you for letting us be part of your hot look. Keep your eyes peeled for the new vests coming your way!

  10. I prefer no lapels, not double breasted (so hangs better when worn open), and cut higher in back so doesn’t ride up if shorter waieted

    1. Good details on what you prefer. Thank you for the info!

  11. A pattern option would be DOPE! Switch it up a bit. I love solids as well but you just don’t see a lot of patterned vests. Either way, I’m growing my HauteButch collection.

    1. That is some serious loyalty right there! Your opinion has been noted. Thank you so much! You’ll be looking good regardless. 🙂

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