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HauteButch (HB)! Vegas! Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival* (PSWJF)! Put them all together and you have a happily handsome and hard-to-forget happening. 

On September 29, at the South Point Hotel south of the Vegas strip, Lucy & Gail celebrated the Jazz Festival’s Big 15th anniversary, and generously hosted HB’s runway show at their Fashion Lunch.

From either side of the runway/funway, a delicious time was had by all. We dined on our shared lesbian energy and enthusiasm. 

Gail Christian, Karen Roberts and Lucy DeBardelaban: HauteButch meets Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival!

I interviewed Gail and got the following answers:

Q: What was your favorite part of the HauteButch fashion show at the Las Vegas gathering of your PSWJF?

A: I think what made the fashion show special was the presentation. A fashion luncheon with a stage and a runway gives the feel of Fashion Week presentations of top-name designers in NY and LA. The rather elegant setting gave the clothes and the models an upscale atmosphere that made them all the more impressive. It is easier to sell a $100 shirt when you are in a $100 setting.

Q: What did you like about our clothing?

A: Personally, I loved the shirts. I can never find shirts with the right sleeve length.

Q: What do you see as links between HB and PSWJF? 

A: We both market our wares to the same market, Lesbians. HB sells a product and we sell an experience. It would be nice to work together again sometime. Our audience loved the connection. 

Q: Any other comments?

A: In the future what might be a nice touch would be to put feminine women in 6-inch heels in suits and ties. It is an “in” look that is very sexy.

Talk about gender fluidity! Elegance! Mutual admiration! Maybe even moments of love! A perfect fit! The poetry jam and The Red Party! Cross-fertilization of HauteButch and the Gail&Lucy family!

Let’s hear loud lively lesbian applause for HB Founder/CEO/Designer Karen Roberts, and her wife Michelle Porter.

And a big, big thank-you to Operations Manager Danette Sheppard-Vaughn,  Mistress of Ceremonies with a powerfully dramatic singing voice. 

And high-fives to Nik, who helped fit and rehearse our HB models: Jackson, Maria, Kodii, Sheila, Xena, Shane, and me, Rita.

And gratitude to Sharon Hawthorne, HauteButch Investor and our videographer.

*Contact Palm Springs Women’s Jazz festival at:

Extra factoids: “Las Vegas” translates as “the meadows.” Artesian wells made the valley green, and fed the Las Vegas Wash, which runs to the Colorado River. 

Wild horses and burros run free in Red Rock Canyon, just west of Vegas. Consider that as you spin and glitter in the flashing neon casinos.

See us live on the runway at YouTube!

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