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HAUTE BUTCH: Tomboy? Cowboy? Schoolboy?

What kind of tomboy are you? HauteButch has classic or edgy togs for any tomboy or tomgirl. 

How do you roll? In the fast lane or on the shoulder? Are you a supersonic rocket, quick as the speed of thought, barely keeping up with your smart, snappy, swift and swaggering self? Do you get where you’re going lickety-split? Or — do you saunter slowly and steadily, leisurely strolling along the festive promenade which is your very gay life?

Hooligan bully-boy or goody-two-shoes? Are you a rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, roughhousing ruffian roughneck? Brazen, brash, blunt and downright cocky? Or —  are you a smooth, shy, serene, sweet and soft gentlewoman butch?

Are you a straight-arrow tomboy, or is your trajectory curvy, or kinky? Do you wear a crewcut no-hawk, or a mohawk? HauteButch can dress you in button-down broadcloth or faux leather.

Are you a joking tomfoolery tomboy, toying with shenanigans and monkeyshines? Or, do you profess to be a serious scholar, studying the subtle seduction of fellow Poindexters?

Do you dress up or dress down? Dress left or right? Dress to the nines, or come-as-you-are? Tuxedo with tails or tee shirt? Spats or flip-flops? Top hat or snap cap? Derby or beanie? Tweeds or dungarees? Is your deep tomboy Tom, Dick or Harry?

Is your tomboy yang or yin? Heavyweight or featherweight? Guttersnipe or crown prince? Loud tom-tom tomboy, or quietly quotidian questioning queer? Nocturnal tomcat or sunshine kitty-cat?

So… if your inner tomboy is topsy-turvy, turning every which way, inside-out or upside-down: stand with arms akimbo and buy HauteButch!

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