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HAUTE BUTCH: The Grammar of Neckwear

Let’s look at an HauteButch outfit as an elegant composition. We’ll start with punctuation. (I am a writer who worships punctuation. Read this and you too might fall for the forward-slash and semi-colon of neckwear.)

The HB bowtie is a soft silky horizontal. It is a friendly, perky, cute and dandy hyphen – a short sweet little connecting mark.

The HB necktie, on the other hand, is an absolute vertical. It makes a bold, confident and proud exclamation-mark!

57 inches long (untied) and 2 skinny inches wide, HB’s necktie plunges from Adam’s apple (or rather Eve’s apple) to navel. An arrow pointing sure and true towards the belt line, its southernmost tip leads the eye downward to the happy adventurous zone beneath the trouser’s fly.


Just how is an HB garment designed? HauteButch originator Karen Roberts speaks of “editing” articles of clothing. Let’s trace this creative process: idea-spark, brain-storm, blank slate, rough sketch, sleeping-on-it, sharpening and polishing, and there you are. 

Be cuddly in a “Cotton Candy” knit tie.  Master the Windsor knot. Show off your sartorial expertise when tying Four-in-Hands backwards in a mirror. No baby clip-on bowties or neckties here.

Or, simply strap on the bamboo “Knock on Wood” bowtie, and be an ecological conversation piece.Whether tying the wedding knot with your Significant Other or gaily enjoying a happy-go-lucky, no-strings-attached bachelorhood, you can choose from HB’s 43 neckties and 65 bowties and be glad.

You will surely fall in love with HauteButch! Period.

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