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HAUTE BUTCH: History/Her-story/Them-story of Butch Fashion

HauteButch is a pioneer, a trail-blazer, a trend-setter and a front-runner on the vanguard of butch fashion. HB defines contemporary. HB is very Now.

But, HauteButch also has deep roots in our butch apparel history. So, let’s start at the beginning of the beginning, romping through our power-girl fashion herstory. Let’s dig our own butch archeology.

(My chronology here might be a bit off. But you’ll get my drift.)

Stone Age figurines of stone-butch Venuses stand proud of their ample and gloriously naked bodies.  
The Venus of Willendorf (circa 23,000 B.C.E.) wears nothing but her Power and a braided or beaded cap, the prototype of the beanie.

Ancient goddesses like Athena and Isis were seen wearing warrior mohawk helmets, sexy draped muscle-robes and easy-on easy-off sandals, early versions of stomping combat boots. 

Our amazon ancestors sported accessories: bows and arrows, double-axes, snakes, staffs and whips. Instead of appetizers, these bull-dykes carried plenty of stag’s horns to their stag parties. In the torchlight, titillated by dancing girls bursting out of giant Lesbos cakes, they hunted and gathered each other’s steaming company.

Sappho, following the well-heeled goddesses, wore sensible sandals and gay violet loose and unrestrictive tunics while wooing her adoring girls with her power and her poems. 

And let’s not forget the first Garden of Eden, where Eve, our original sinner, wore a fig-leaf and a blush.

Jump ahead to 1930s Paris, where Gertrude Stein drove her Ford convertible named “Auntie”, with Alice B. Toklas riding nervous shotgun,
petting one of their series of white standard poodles all named “Basket.” Larger-than-life Gertrude wore a fedora, tweed suits, satin vests and blue-and-white unmentionables. Her full figure would
look astonishingly handsome in an HauteButch outfit. 

Then we have Marlene Dietrich (who, by the way, was originally Maria Magdalene von Losch, a sir-name I share). In “Morocco”, pansexual in white tie, tails and cocky top hat, she topped the cabaret audience by stealing a kiss from another woman.

Not to mention Katherine Hepburn — who cross-dressed as a child — in her mannish gabardine slacks, which blew apart Hollywood’s binary gender wardrobe categories.

Today, K.D. Lang’s baggy three-piece white suit does not fit her as well as HB women’s men’s Cream Wool Tuxedo Pants would. 

And, our Ellen DeGeneres wears blazers and untucked white wing-collar shirts — nearly as sharp as HB’s Garçon Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt.

Coming full circle from our pre-herstory, HB knows that their fans get dolled-up as buffed Ken, not skinny Barbie in her dangerous rocket-bra. Look into the archetypal butch closet: you will not find girdles, petticoats, frocks, tutus or muu-muus. You might see a man-Friday’s Sunday best or their Tuesday best. You won’t find any panties, but you surely will come upon HB truncs.

So, remembering your inner caveperson: hunt for HB fair game and gather your bulls-eyed items. Take them to your stag parties! The time to shop and buy HauteButch is now!


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  1. I love these blogs. They crack me up!

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