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HAUTE BUTCH: Fashion Paradise for Butch Baby Boomers

Talking about my generation:

HauteButch (HB) is deliciously sexy to us Butch Baby Boomers (BBB’s). Born between 1945 to 1964, we now range in age from 54 to 73 — if my neanderthal arithmetic is right. We need the exquisite Comfort and Style offered by Haute Butch. And, our demographic is generally able and willing to pay for clothes that so perfectly match our bodies and our tastes.

After decades distinguishing fashion do’s from fashion maybe’s from fashion don’ts, Boomers know what we want. Our personal aesthetic is well developed. 

From head to toe, stylish physical comfort comes first. Try these HauteButch pieces:

•hats that fit over our flat-tops, keeping us cool (Prince houndstooth tomboy cap) or warm (knitted wool beanie in navy blue or army tan, or black, white or wine)


•shirts that are neither too tight nor too loose (cotton Liberty sport shirt, red&white checkered like a retro picnic tablecloth, or Aviator vest with or without darts)


•suspenders that span flat torsos or prominent racks (crimson onyx multi-stripe — delicious words to describe tasty duds)


•underwear that fits our hips (blue secret butch surprise “truncs” ranging from small to 3X)


•shoes that look slim but are roomy enough in the toe-box to walk across cities (Greyson Lace-up Canvas Derby high-tops) 

Oh, and don’t forget those accessible accessories — cufflinks, watches, sunglasses.

HauteButch offers us clothing that respects our individual height and weight and age. 

Comfort is not just physical: HB’s wardrobes consider — in invisible but significant ways — psychological, emotional and social comfort.

And Style! Both traditional and contemporary, timeless and timely, HB’s items encompass personal and collective styles.

Boomer girl-guys helped start our tribe: we are among its founding mothers and its cornerstones. Newer generations stand on our broad shoulders; they also keep us grounded and modern and they refresh our vocabulary. 

HB’s andro/homo/genderfree fashion creates a two-way fluidity that spans generations. HB’s gorgeous handsome merchandise cross-fertilizes Boomers and Millennials at either endless end of our quirky spectrum. HB inspires us to respect and learn from each other. 

Not all butch fashionistas are in their fresh-faced 20s. Some of us are veteran dykes, quasi-retirees whose blood pulses to Buddy Holly and Elvis. Our younger sisters are randy stud clothes-ponies, but we are fully grown clothes-horses, forever wild mustangs now eating well in plush pastures.

So, keep your finger on the pulse of HauteButch. And reach for your HB Cowhide Rocker Wallet.

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[Scroll down for my previous HB article, “Hot and Cool: A Rave Review” — in retro butch writer Courier font.] 


4 thoughts on “HAUTE BUTCH: Fashion Paradise for Butch Baby Boomers

    1. Awesome!

  1. Seasoned, talented writer and true account of us Boomers. You nailed it.

    1. Thank you! Baby Boomers rock!

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