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HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 2

HauteButch can guarantee successful dates for you. We have begun to explore this in “Dapper Dating, Part 1.” Now, let’s look at some nitty-gritty how-to Dating Tips for Girls. 

How to find dates: 

  • online, via OK Cupid or
  • speed-dating parties (musical chairs with eligible strangers)
  • blind dates, getting “fixed-up”
  • “double-date” with a buddy; ride in the back seat  
  • search for your one-and-only, or “play the field” anytime and anyplace. (So, always look snappy in HB!)

Be prepared for a date:

  Order HauteButch items in advance and have them happily ready in your closet, shirts paired with ties paired with vests. 

Dating courtesy:

  • Do not be late for your very important date. Sit up straight with your newsboi cap on your knee, in the polite parlor with the stern chaperone; wait for your Date to make a grand entrance. Stand and bow. Stand and model.
  • Beforehand, put Uber on your phone, load your Clipper card, or wash your car, with your belt-buckle on the side, like James Dean, so as not to scratch your Chevy. Preview the directions on your GPS. Do not get lost on the way to the double-feature and the malt shop and the late-nite lover’s lane.

Dating chemistry:

A date is either a wild success, or a complete and total flop. Spike up that chemical mixture with a sizzling HB outfit.

Stages of Serious Dating:

Spark of interest, approach, flirting, asking for friends’ advice, first date, more dates, Going Steady (or unsteady), Popping the Question, engagement, wedding (Tying the Knot), staying married happily-ever-after. 

U-Haul dating technique:

See her, like her, date her, get her, bed her. The next morning, move in with her, merge with her, marry her, live in bliss together forever-and-evermore.

Stages of recreational dating:

Bachelorettes flirt, date, gyrate on one-night stands. Then repeat. And repeat again.

Non-dating option:

Staying unattached is a perfectly valid choice, too. Solo or coupled, HB will keep you cool and stylish. 

However your dating rolls, an HauteButch outfit will make you confident, poised, and so very suave. 

We are so completely and happily here for you. Do leave us a COMMENT, please!


2 thoughts on “HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 2

  1. This is the BEST advice EVER!!

  2. Thanks! This article is the result of decades of failed and successful dating.

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