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HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 1

If you are reading this, chances are you have an interest in clothing style. Indeed, do you harbor a passion for fashion?

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Now let’s examine how to Dress for Dating, and how HauteButch can help you dress for success.

Question: What exactly is a “date,” anyway? 

(a)sweet oblong fruit of the tropical date palm tree   

(b) day of the week, month, year    

(c) occasion to “go out with” somebody, to court them  

Answer: all of the above, but we will focus on (c), the romantic option.

Particularly as tomboys, we dress for comfort. We dress for self-image. And we dress for social reasons: we clothe our bodies to communicate and to attract. Clothing emanates signals, and an HB outfit is a girl-magnet.

   Like peacocks, our colors flash flamboyant, especially when we are hunting for a date. Or a mate!

HauteButch offers fashionistas that flash, that flavor, that fever-pitch of gorgeous tomboy individualized style. If you want to signal HOT,assemble an ensemble from our broad and bold collection.

Note to BabyBoomers: You will relate to the following nostalgic section. In a nutshell, here’s how I’ve dressed for dating in my checkered lesbian career:

(dates approximate – around 1954) In my plaid flannel-lined dungarees, I fell in love with my third-grade teacher when she opened her Saturday apartment door holding a big paintbrush and wearing her husband’s big white shirt.

(1964) I dressed identically with my first beatnik BFF (R.I.P.): Mick Jagger olive green wide-wale corduroys and oxblood Bass Weejun penny loafers with emergency dimes in the slots.

(1967) With my first lover in college, I transgressed in my out-of-control hippie Janis Joplin hair, wrinkled red flannel shirt, baggy denim overalls and moccasins.

(1970) Every Saturday night, my religion was disco dancing (while smoking cigarettes and more) in skin-tight polyester shirts, off-white painter’s pants and platform sandals.

(skip to 1990) San Francisco head-to-toe black licorice leather, or Levi shrink-to-fit 501s, with holes in all the right places

(1994)Levi’s, sans the leather, and retro boy’s striped polo shirts

(2018) I discover HauteButch, boy clothes that fit girls’ bodies! Finally, I am Tailored. What you wear will get you noticed. Turn heads wearing HB’s women’s menswear. See and be seen. Be seen and be heard, in HauteButch. 

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1 thought on “HAUTE BUTCH: Dapper Dating, Part 1

  1. I love this piece! I guess I AM a baby boomer for I relate to the timelines and the fashion attached to them in an extremely visceral/nostalgic way.

    Ms/Mx Losch, is that you in the little photo before the last paragraph? If so, you are adorable. Keep the good vibes coming. You have made your way into my GoodReads list.

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