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HAUTE BUTCH: Architecture of the Shirt

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The Shirt is HauteButch’s signature clothing item. Each piece in HB’s Shirt Bar represents the company’s carefully considered design, exquisite attention to detail, hybrid of nostalgic and futuristic styles and sturdy, sensible manufacture. 

Karen Roberts, HauteButch Founder/CEO/Designer, curates the HB collection with loving care. Look at a shirt inside-out: see the durable construction. Even the interior looks neat. Look at one close up or at a distance: be astonished and astonishing from any angle. Each is a butch masterpiece.

A shirt crafted by HauteButch has a life of its own. Each has a graceful, well-built body which will fit your body. The shirt’s anatomy and yours insist on sharing intimate conversations. 

Do you need a tuxedo shirt for New Year’s Eve, or for your Academy Award and Nobel Prize ceremonies? HB offers you delicious choices.

The Garçon Tomboy Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt, in black or white poplin, features a “fly front placket and curved hem, with an inverted center box pleat in the back.” (Even their descriptions are handsome, elegant and carefully sculpted.) 

Bubble Gum Cufflinks

The French cuffs yearn for cufflinks, and the wingtip collars whisper “bowties.” HB’s jewelry includes biker cufflinks, bubble gum 

cufflinks, timekeeper cufflinks and more. Select from 66 kinds of silk or rayon bowties, floral, polka-dotted or plaid. Some come with comely but not cumbersome cummerbunds and pretty pocket squares.

Another formal shirt is HB’s Garçon Contrast Tuxedo Shirt with yet another yummy description: “… black/white Houndstooth trim applied to interior collar band … contrasting bib shape and fabric … single button contrasting Italian Tab cuffs … rounded hem.” In this shirt you will discover delightful surprises.

For a studious preppy look, check out the Westpointe Shirt. It comes in a sharp and smart windowpane pattern, and the red-and-white option has practical elbow patches for those long evenings writing at your desk.

The Quartermaster Pastel Button Down comes in tasty colors, such as spicy ginger, a hue which is almost a softened earthy chartreuse.

Even the names of HB’s shirts surprise, zing and pop. Here is a sample: Charlie, Foxtrot, Battalion, Citadel, Bravo, Liberty and Bohemian.

Now, shirt terminology has me reaching for my dictionary: split-yoke, mitered cuff, barrel cuffs, whale-back and toggle-back cufflinks, foulard, jacquard, chambray, bird’s eye fabric, point or spread or club or cutaway collars, non-fused interlining, lock stitch, shank buttons, sleeve-head, pocket mouths, finishes and more.

Wrapping it up, HauteButch can dress you in everything from headgear to footwear, from underwear to wedding attire. (Be sure to wear HB honeymoon briefs under your tuxedo.)

Are you a necktie type or a bowtie type, or do you cross-tie? Casual? Go for HB’s tanks, tees, shorts, joggers and hoodies. Dressier? Shop HB’s suit jackets, slacks and generous selection of vests. Super fancy? HB offers you silk neckwear, suspenders and accessories galore.

And shirts! HB’s shirt gallery begs to be explored.

Clothes do indeed make the (hu)man. Buy an HauteButch outfit and feel yourself become three inches taller, gliding and glowing with a new proud and confident walk.

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2 thoughts on “HAUTE BUTCH: Architecture of the Shirt

  1. I’m ready to change my whole wardrobe

    1. Hi Jamica, Let’s do it!

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