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HAUTE BUTCH: Anchors Away, My Boi’s!

All hands on deck! Heave ho! Don’t be a landlubber: get wet, but steady as she goes! Full speed ahead!

Look closely, and you’ll see that HauteButch’s branding has a distinct but subtle nautical edge. Is this because HB’S Founder/CEO/Designer Karen Roberts happens to be a Navy veteran with exquisite attention to detail? 

There’s something about a girl-boy in uniform: hard and even soft sailors have a butch edge. This oceanic influence allows gender-fluid individuals to sail wildly on the Seven Seas of fashion freedom. HB certainly is a pacific paradise of mariner’s merchandise.

Look at some of the edgy but comfy harborside gear HB does so gallantly wave at us: 

While on shore leave, exploring hot ports of call with your boi’s, how about wearing an Anchors Aweigh Navy Necktie for those dress-up occasions? Or, why not sport a Fish Out of Water Necktie with its cartoon-fishbone design?

For a steaming tropical evening, put on a cool HB short-sleeved Charlie Shirt and coast along. In HB’s apparel, swagger while navigating your way through festive parties, cruising for mermaids/mermen who drop to their knees for you. 

Got a weekend off, slathered with sunscreen on a white-sand beach? Slip into your Rockaway Boardshorts paired with a Skipper Tee — and hang ten shooting those curls on oceans white with foam, over the bounding main!

Grab your HauteButch Commander Ring and you command attention. Those guys and dolls will stand and salute.

What HB lovingly borrows from the Navy are the names of so many of their pieces. Consider: Annapolis tomboy shirt, Aviator vest, Battalion shirt, Fleet jacket, Garrison vest, Liberty shirt, Master Chief shirt, Port Side shirt, Purple Majesty bowtie, Quartermaster button down, Reveille shirt, Trident shirt, Westpointe shirt.

At HB fashion shows, flotillas of happily handsome models saunter to the edge of the runway-pier. These fellows are proud perky figureheads on the HauteButch flagship, which is a superdreadnought on the fathomless sea of futuristic fashion. 

Are you an Orphan Andy sailor-boy in short pants with an all-day sucker? Or, are you Popeye the Sailor Man proudly spouting “I yam what I yam?”

Are you built like an Italian battle ship, or a sleek atomic submarine? HB can suit your size; its bespoke items fit and enhance that body which is perfect — because it’s yours!

HauteButch ships inland and offshore. HB ships shipshape stuff directly to you shapely sailors. Ship ahoy, mates! Suit up and buy HauteButch!



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