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Celebrating Haute Moms

If you’ve been following the blog lately, you know that it’s focused on fashion, right? Sometimes we talk about bow ties, how to look effortless, or some such thing.

You know who gets the attention this week, fam? Moms.

But I’m not going to sit here and talk about moms, though. This week is all about you moms and your stories.

We have a question for the moms out there:

What’s the biggest lesson you learned this year as a mom?

Give that some serious consideration and then post your stories (with pictures, please!) 

on the official contest page!

Let our community know what you’ve learned, what you know, how you feel… all that. Share your life experiences with us.

However, this isn’t just about sharing your stories. I mean, that’s the main thing. We want to give you a space to get some recognition for all that you’ve learned as a mom.

You deserve that.

You also deserve a chance to win some HauteButch gear!

One week after Mother’s Day, we will select a winner from all the participants. This mom will receive a Mystery Gift Box valued at $125. Whoa. That’s a lotta HauteButch love right there.

So please don’t hold back. Give us your best stories and pictures. We cannot wait to hear what you have to say.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Haute Moms

  1. This year has taught me that it doesn’t make me any less of a mom that I’m not biologically related to my children. They don’t view me as any less than their mom and I don’t view them as any less my kids. They love me fiercely and the bond that we share is what makes me their mom. They are my whole world. Love makes a family!

  2. Me and my awesome wife welcomed our son Shalamar 7 years ago. We are in our 40’s and we were set in our ways to say the least. He has challenged us, helped us grow, let us really know what unconditional love is. He is our everything. He came to us with a lot of issues, he has seen things that no little child should ever see. We are his safe zone. I’m out arms is we’re he feels the safest. He is 8 now and thriving like any other little boy. Sometimes we feel like we are doing it wrong and we second guess things at times. When he puts his arms around our necks and says your the best Moms ever, it’s all worth while. I have always wanted to be a Mom and I must say it’s the hardest , but the most rewarding job you will ever have. We love you son with our whole hearts.

  3. The maters of calmness into our children so they can be some one excellent in life. Just like their : ” Granny” 😀

  4. Being a mom at this point in my life has taught me that even if your kids are grown ,partly grown and almost grown, that they never stop needing you and that you are always there to help show them the way. To teach them family unity no matter what is going on in everybody’s lives. To be the rock that holds the family together and to pass that on to the Fourth generation that is starting in my family this year. I am grateful that everyone is healthy and happy. What it boils down to is; I’m a proud mom. I know we are all proud mom’s and we all deserve to feel special on a day-to-day basis and proud of who we are and what we have taught our children.
    Good luck to all the mothers.

  5. As a nonbinary adoptive parent, I’m learning that I can redefine motherhood for myself. We are a gender-creative family and I think that’s making my son a more open-minded and self-confident person. He is 6 years old, loves trucks, Legos, jewelry, and dirt!

  6. The biggest lesson as a mother I’ve learned this year is when my daughter started her freshman year in high school. I’ve never raise a teenager before and however she’s never been one. I’ve learned that raising a teenager and a young lady takes more patience than I thought, of course it was way much easier when she was little. But this journey that we are taking has been a great one, our relationship get stronger by the years. By this being her first year in high school she has joined so many activities and I have had the opportunity to enjoy them with her. Not only have she been extremely busy but she’s been keeping me busy as well, even though it wears me out I absolutely love it. This year so far I’ve learned that every chapter in your child’s life should be enjoyed by you as well. #MyHeartBeat

  7. I’ve got 3 kids, and one thing I always try to remember is that I can’t take full credit or blame for what they do with their lives. They are all amazing humans, and each is contributing to the world in their own way. I’ve always tried to support them as best as I can, even when their paths don’t always make sense to me. It’s something my mom passed down… She was born in 1925 & was unusual for her generation, as she was a Marine in the 1950’s and didn’t get married until she was 36. But it still turned her world a little upside down when her only kid – me – turned out to be a lesbian, and when her only granddaughter turned out to be a trans man. She rolled with it all in a nonjudgmental way, and even helped her aging friends evolve through her acceptance. She passed away this past year, so this is my first mom’s day without her, but I like to think her legacy is living on through me and my kids.

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