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HauteButch’s Guide to Gift Giving

When it comes to wedding planning, asking those you love to stand next to you on this monumental day is one of the most exciting parts! It’s even becoming traditional to have brides-men, grooms-maids, or a man of honor – this creates an interesting and exciting dynamic. In a 2017 study, it was found that 1 in 3 couples did not follow traditional gender roles when choosing their wedding party. The pre-wedding festivities such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party are becoming all-inclusive celebrations for the whole wedding party to bond. Being such an integral part of someone’s wedding is no small task, so we have a few gift ideas for the brides to give to their wedding party – no matter who is included!

Coordinated shirts or flannels

Pre-wedding festivities attire does not always have to be feminine, whether before the wedding or at the bachelorette party. The options are endless, but here are some so they will look awesome together and will please a variety of different people. You can even head to your local thrift store or mall (head to H&M or Urban Outfitters) to pick out a flannel for everyone individually. This look offers a great photo opportunity for you on your wedding day and allows your wedding party to hang out in a comfortable top.


Sunglasses are always a stylish accessory, especially for a summertime wedding. They can aid in photos for a unique photo-op, and your wedding party will appreciate the thoughtful gesture for summer days to come. Sunglasses can be completely personalized depending on a person’s style. Pick out a pair of sunglasses for everyone in your party or even bulk order the same pair for everyone to make the process easy for you.

Wine and whiskey

If your wedding party is excited for the reception portion of your wedding, then kick off the day for them with wine or whiskey. Depending on preference, you can choose a special bottle for everyone. Taking the time to pick out a high-end bottle of alcohol for your friends to enjoy is a thoughtful gesture that shows you took time to consider what they love.


No matter if they have a feminine or tomboy style, the gift of jewelry is always a great option. This way, your wedding party will have a creative twist to pair with their attire for the day. Choose from HauteButch’s array of jewelry – earrings, broaches, and even engraved bracelets are available to give to your party and family members as a thank you gift.

 Suspenders and bowties

If you want your crew looking dapper during your wedding, then bowties are a must. No matter the color scheme of your wedding, we have something for you. Paired with suspenders or even any of the items above, everyone will look ready for your wedding. These items are staples in anyone’s closet for a formal event – rest assured your gifts will go to good use and become conversation starters for events to come.

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HauteButch’s Guide to Bridal Style

You’re engaged, Congratulations! There will be a lot of planning ahead. You’ll make decisions about everything from your engagement photos to invitations to decor, and even the cake. One of the most important things you will decide is your bridal style. Being one of two brides (and grooms too!) gives you a lot of options for what to wear. This can be really exciting or overwhelming. You can go very classy and formal with a tuxedo or dress or casual with a suit and tie. The possibilities are endless. The last things you’ll need are wedding rings to represent your beautiful relationship. Here is a little guide to figure out your bridal style!

Wedding Theme

The first place to start figuring out your bridal style is with the wedding theme. Before you find any pieces of clothing or jewelry, you’ll need to decide what style the wedding is going to be. Is it formal or relaxed? This will change what kind of clothing you need to find. For example, a formal vintage themed wedding would require a sharp tuxedo or suit.

This suit from HauteButch would be perfect! The beautifully detailed fabric is reminiscent of a different time. And you can always incorporate the color scheme into your suit for a pop of color. Theme can be a great pointer for what kind of attire is appropriate for your wedding, but don’t forget this day is all about you! It’s incredibly important to keep your own style in mind while choosing what to wear.


The real question your family will be wondering is what are you going to wear? Even though this may be a question going around, the most critical thing is that you are comfortable on your wedding day. After all, you are the bride! You deserve to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. You can wear a suit in a feminine way or a dress with a suit jacket. Mixing and matching styles is very on trend. Pair your sharp suit with a pair of heels or ultra cool sneakers for a statement.

For the feminine bride, find the dress that matches your personality. If you’ve always wanted a fairytale dress, then find something enchanting. If you don’t want to wear a dress, get a wedding jumpsuit. They can be just as elegant as a gown, but you’re wearing pants!

Wedding Ring

Your wedding rings will be the most meaningful part of your wedding. They are a symbol of your life-long commitment to one another. Every day you’ll look at your ring and be reminded of your wedding day. This is why it’s essential to find a ring that you’ll love to look at! When choosing your wedding ring, think about your personality and lifestyle. This ring should enhance your current jewelry and be something you can wear during most of your daily activities. If you want to choose something unique, you can incorporate gemstones like sapphires or even diamonds.

Jewelers, like Blue Nile, provide a wide range of wedding rings from classic to eye-catching. A bride or groom with personality deserves a unique wedding ring. You can go shopping together or pick out your partner’s for a surprise. Either way, your wedding ring will be a connection that you and
your partner will never forget!

Once you have the wedding ring of your dreams, get a box to protect it (and your partner’s too). This customized HauteButch ring box is a great keepsake, perfect for a rustic chic wedding and can hold both rings safely while your ring bearer is walking down the aisle.

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HAUTE BUTCH: The Grammar of Neckwear

Let’s look at an HauteButch outfit as an elegant composition. We’ll start with punctuation. (I am a writer who worships punctuation. Read this and you too might fall for the forward-slash and semi-colon of neckwear.)

The HB bowtie is a soft silky horizontal. It is a friendly, perky, cute and dandy hyphen – a short sweet little connecting mark.

The HB necktie, on the other hand, is an absolute vertical. It makes a bold, confident and proud exclamation-mark!

57 inches long (untied) and 2 skinny inches wide, HB’s necktie plunges from Adam’s apple (or rather Eve’s apple) to navel. An arrow pointing sure and true towards the belt line, its southernmost tip leads the eye downward to the happy adventurous zone beneath the trouser’s fly.


Just how is an HB garment designed? HauteButch originator Karen Roberts speaks of “editing” articles of clothing. Let’s trace this creative process: idea-spark, brain-storm, blank slate, rough sketch, sleeping-on-it, sharpening and polishing, and there you are. 

Be cuddly in a “Cotton Candy” knit tie.  Master the Windsor knot. Show off your sartorial expertise when tying Four-in-Hands backwards in a mirror. No baby clip-on bowties or neckties here.

Or, simply strap on the bamboo “Knock on Wood” bowtie, and be an ecological conversation piece.Whether tying the wedding knot with your Significant Other or gaily enjoying a happy-go-lucky, no-strings-attached bachelorhood, you can choose from HB’s 43 neckties and 65 bowties and be glad.

You will surely fall in love with HauteButch! Period.

Oh, and please like us, love us, adore us by LEAVING A COMMENT, with lots of exclamation-marks!


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Pride Night June 2nd



Sat June 2nd-The Arlene Francis Center is presenting a benefit for Positive Images. Positive Images provides support and advocacy to Sonoma County’s LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12-24.




A Fashion Show, Comedy and Dance Party to benefit a worthy cause and to celebrate with the community and showcase talents of LGBTQ+ Members.

Fall of 2016, Hautebutch debuted a fashion runway to a sold-out Santa Rosa crowd and the event was very well received and enjoyed by all that attended. Here’s your chance to see the collection up close on the handsome models that will be your style czars for the evening.

Featured Models:

  • Danielle Acree, Ayana Brumfield, Cheryl Lynn Coffey, Brittney Coughlin, Jimena Catalina Cruz,  Nik Gomes, Jessica Miller, Christina Rocha, Eli Orellana, Dominique Sisk, Melissa Taylor, Phoenix Watkins,


Be warned. Bay area Comedian Karen S. Ripley will have you bent over in your chairs as she delivers joke after side-splitting joke! You’ll find yourself recalling her set for days.




After the entertainment, you better Werk! up a sweat on the dance floor to the sultry beats by the amazing DJ Lady Char.









Doors open at 8pm and the show starts promptly at 9pm.

Date: June 2, 2018

Location: Arlene Francis Center

99 Sixth St Santa Rosa, CA

                                   Tickets: $25 Advance and $30 at the Door.


Get your Tickets online here:



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Effortless Butch Style Requires Effort

Is it just me, or is dressing up is far easier than dressing down? Anybody with me on this one? I mean, an outfit for a more formal event is not that difficult to plan.

Ironed shirt – check. Pressed slacks/suit jacket – check. Tie/bowtie – check. Vest, studs, polished shoes – check, check, boom. Done.

Walk out the door looking like a Hautebutch model, catching the eye of everybody at the event like nobody’s business.

I can dress up just fine. It’s the dressing down that kills me sometimes. My goal there is to look like I just threw on the first thing in reach, ran my hands through my hair, and jetted out looking effortlessly hot.


But guess what? If I actually DO throw on the first thing in reach, I end up looking like a slob. That is not okay – that doesn’t make a good impression on anybody. I want to feel good about what I put out into the world.

Here’s the thing. The effortless look requires effort. It just does. Sad but true, right?

Let’s take a look at some Hautebutch styles and see what works here.



All right, check out this hot model strutting down the sidewalk like they own it. Hey, what do I know? Maybe they do.

Given those cool shades, the head-to-toe solid black look, the well-fitting T-shirt, and the way they have one hand casually slid into the pocket of those sweet jogger shorts, this boss could own the whole town.

This is our first example. You know that they did not roll out of bed looking this hot. This look required effort, and yet to the casual observer, it looks effortless.

Notes made. Moving on.





Okay, so how about this look? A classic black T-shirt, eye-catching necklace, and a snapback hat flipped around backwards.

Simple, right? Actually…yes. Just have these items on hand and you really could just grab and go.

Preparation, my friends.




All right. I’m liking this look. What do you think?

See, accessorizing is key to pretty much all styles. This model sports a simple yet powerful white T-shirt and tops it off with a vest.

The vest is what drives this androgynous outfit home, fam. It dresses it up just enough to look special and yet still effortless.

Yeah, I like it. Let’s keep going here…



What does this shirt say? The TRUTH, yo. The truth. Well, for some of us, anyway. Let me regain my focus here.

See, what works with this look is that it is calm and strong. Maybe it’s just that model that pulls this look off so well, but I think it’s in the way the hat is tilted just so. The shirt fits well. The pants are a complementary color.

This works, my people. It does. Simple, stylish, hot. Okay, one more.



You caught me. I’ve used this picture before. You know what, though? I don’t care, because it speaks to me. Loudly.

This chill look just calls to me. We’re back to a simple base look (black T) that’s made special by accessorizing.

Pink suspenders + black hat + classic look = ridiculously attractive.




Okay, gang, that’s all I’ve got. The takeaway message here is it pays to put effort into looking effortless. As always, thank you for reading, please tag us in any social media you post, and carry on, my people.

Comments are always greatly appreciated. See you next week.









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Suspenders – Defying Gender Stereotypes


Last week, we discussed the necessity of having a solid butch wardrobe for every occasion. This week, let’s focus in on the accessory that every barrier-breaking, non-conforming, well-dressed person out there needs – suspenders.

Suspenders are far less commonly seen than they deserve. Why is that? Who doesn’t do an admiring double-take when they spot a well-dressed stud sporting a pair?

Suspenders add a definitive statement to butch fashion, and that statement is: I have style – mad style.


What is it about suspenders that add so much to their wearer’s look? Why do tomboys decked out in suspenders have that swagger to their walk, that added pep in their step, that extra extra that catches the eye of so many?

One word: Confidence. Those in suspenders know they look good. And they are correct. 

Suspenders can be worn in several ways. For a lesbian wedding, you’ll want to be dressed formally, so the best butch fashion choice will be over the shoulders and fastened to those suit pants, just like they wore them back in the day. However, you can pop them off the shoulders and let them dangle out from under your suit jacket while you wear out the reception dance floor after the ceremony.


You don’t have to be wearing a two- or even three-piece suit to show off those suspenders, though. Consider wearing them out to dinner with your baby, maybe over a nice tomboy shirt. Those who are truly daring can try suspenders out with a more dressed-down androgynous style. Shorts, T-shirt, suspenders = insta-cool.

Now the thing about the Hautebutch suspenders line is this– so many options. Leather, elastic, black, brown…pretty much every color of the rainbow, up to and including these truly awesome rainbow suspenders. Which should you choose? Depends on the look you’re going for.

For a formal event, leather suspenders pull you to the next level. Choose from classic black or brown, or consider branching out and sporting a pair of unusual sky blue suspenders. We seriously doubt anyone else will have such a fine pair as yours.


Elastic suspenders are generally seen at more casual occasions; however, we know you all– you want to raise the bar on gender-breaking fashion. Why not mix it up? Strap those leather suspenders onto some shorts, and pair your red elastic suspenders with a suit and classy bow tie.

Here’s the thing about suspenders – they add the final touch. Think of suspenders as being the white bow on that iconic blue jewelry box. Without the bow, it’s just a regular box. The joy of receiving a gift like that is pulling off the white bow in one slow, smooth, anticipatory tug. Give someone the gift of you, in suspenders.

Need more convincing? How about this list of icons who shine in their suspenders: Ellen DeGeneres, Humphrey Bogart, Ryan Gosling, Tyra Banks, Marlon Brando– you look at that list and only two common threads tie these fine folk together: fame and suspenders.

Add yourself to that list, my people. That’s your true gender-defying fashion statement. Own it.

Have you dared to raise the bar with your tomboy wardrobe yet? Talk to us. What are your thoughts about the suspender style? Can you pull it off? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Reasons to Stop Shopping in the Men’s Department for a Masculine Look

If you’re trying to get a masculine look, then you know your outfit and accessories can set the tone. Finding the right gear to wear that expresses your tomboy swag doesn’t have to be limited to the men’s section of your local department store, either. There are tons of benefits for wearing masculine clothes made to fit the female form for women and trans guys versus relying on the men’s department stores.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. You Won’t Get the Right Fit

When you shop at a place like Men’s Warehouse or at a men’s section in the department store, you’ll come across a ton of suits and clothes made for men. But the clothing available in these places are made to fit the male body. That means you can end up getting pants that may be too long or shirts that are too tight in the chest area. If your clothes don’t fit right, then you won’t look right. Instead, consider shopping for clothes designed for your body and up to size 5X, such as HauteButch’s suit slacks or Yeoman vest.


2. You’ll Have Less Color and Pattern Selections

Men’s clothing typically have less color and pattern options than clothing made to fit the female form. You’ll typically see “safe” neutral palettes for suits and ties or the standard blue and black color choices and striped patterns. But when you shop for clothing made for the trans guy or female form, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of androgynous rich color schemes.


You can even go for a vibrant look, such as the bold bright red of HauteButch’s Chili pepper chinos or unique floral pattern of the blue sky floral with pocket square.

3. You’ll Have Style Limitations   

Shopping in a men’s clothing store may limit you to styles designed just for men. But there are tons of styles to choose from when you shop for clothes made to fit women or transguys. From androgynous styles to tomboy fashion to fashionisto looks, you can find a wide selection of styles when you’re shopping in the right place. HauteButch offers all these looks and more, including the tomboy and fashionisto styles of its Annapolis tomboy shirt or Authentic collection white pullover.

HauteButch for Haute Fashionisto Looks 

Get the masculine look you want to achieve by shopping with a reputable online retailer that understands your fit and style, such as HauteButch.

HauteButch offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories for the fashionisto who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort or style.

Get the fit that’s designed just for you when you shop at

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3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

Ask yourself, “Do I want to follow the latest trends or become the trendsetter everyone follows?” If you are a trendsetter through and through, you can stay true to your personal style by dressing up your vests using masculine elements. A balance of elements will allow you to look fly through every season without deviating from your unique outlook on fashion. You can customize the three following tips and tricks to dress up your vest-based outfits in intriguing ways.

1. Experiment with Shirt Styles

A shirt that perfectly contrasts your vest provides a tomboy fashion-forward look for the world to emulate. When you sport the smooth cotton style of the Yeoman vest, for example, you can elevate your look with shirts in gorgeous horizontal stripe or windowpane patterns.


If you are particularly adventurous, pair your vests with shirts made from denim, leather or other outrageous materials. Make sure that your pants, vest and accessories play a secondary role to rather loud or adventurous shirts.


2. Open Up and Sport Fun Accessories

Wearing a vest should never be a humdrum affair. Instead, make sure your vest highlights your playful side by wearing it open and pairing it with fun accessories.



When you leave the buttons undone and allow ties, bowties, cufflinks, watches and other statement accessories to play a leading role, you actually highlight the vest as a vital element to your unique look. Consider adding a jacket over your open vest when you want to look pulled together yet ready for any fun that comes your way.


3. Double Up with Smart Layers

Layers help you accentuate the fact that you are ready for any adventure life brings you. You can layer your vests with suspenders, jackets and even other vests.


When you double up the vests, wear one button up fully and the other wide open. If you want a polished look, add a subtle tie beneath the buttoned vest. For a casual appearance, simply wear your favorite accessories and sport a hairdo that highlights your unique personality and tomboy fashion sense.

Accentuate Your Wardrobe with Vests for Every Occasion

If you are ready to add to your vest collection, wander over to the shop at HauteButch to try the Yeoman, Aviator and Garrison styles on for size. With these three vests, you can purposefully transform your wardrobe using crazy shirt fabrics, accessories, double layers and fitted elements that complement each piece. You can also add to your collection of accessories, shirts and much more by shopping through the masculine fashion pieces in each section of our shop.