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The Basics of Coordinating Colors

Do you ever find yourself confused with color?

If so, I want to give you some color coordination basics that you can begin to practice immediately.

Remember finger painting in kindergarten? I don’t… but someone reminded me that it was there that we were first introduced to the art of color and their relation to one another.

The Color Wheel

You must know what a color’s associations are and how they strengthen or soften each other.

Once you understand these relationships you begin to see how well certain colors pair with each other.

It’s not as simple as just MATCHING the same colors with each other. It gets tricky because there are combinations that are automatically pleasing to the eye and some that really clash.

Some people may find this info boring, but it’s always the simple things that hold the most power when executed correctly.

A lot of people have the “knowledge” but won’t implement it.

For some of you this may just be a refresher.

So here are the basics of the color wheel…

There are three PRIMARY colors – BLUE, RED, and YELLOW.

Adding lightness and darkness to these primary colors forms all other colors.

Adding any of these two PRIMARY colors together gives you a SECONDARY color.

Primary + Primary = Secondary


Blue + Yellow = Green
Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + Blue = Violet

Then adding measures of light or dark to these colors creates different shades of color as well.

A TERTIARY color is when you mix a SECONDARY color with it’s adjacent PRIMARY color.


Green + Blue or Yellow = Blue-Green or Yellow-Green
Orange + Red or Yellow = Red-Orange or Yellow-Orange
Violet + Blue and Red = Blue-Violet and Red-Violet

With this in mind, adjusting amounts of primary colors combined with level of lightness or darkness can create any color in the universe.

PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel are ANALOGOUS to each other.

Blue’s Analogous = Green and Violet
Orange’s Analogous = Red and Yellow

Analogous colors work well with each other. But only when they are matched according to the levels of light and darkness.

Primary and secondary colors that are opposite each other are COMPLIMENTARY.

Blue is complimentary to orange.
Violet to yellow.
Red to green.

And vice versa.

Pair these colors for a bolder statement. Be careful matching these though, as certain shades will not look good on each other.

I know this is only a small bit of information, but start with this.

1. Print out this color wheel.

2. Remember that Analogous colors work together, but make sure they are of similar value. As a basic color concept, “value” represents the degree of lightness or darkness expressed in every color.

3. Use complimentary colors for a bold statement. Matching complementary colors together is a sign of a confident, knowledgeable dresser, and doing so creates an impressive, color-rich palette.

4. As a general rule of thumb you don’t want to have more than THREE colors in your outfit. So pick three colors to match throughout your entire outfit. Any more than this and it starts getting risky.

5. Use the right colors for your skin tone and coloration. Try different colors against your skin and learn which palettes look best on you. Also, get a second opinion.

Never use holiday colors like red and green UNLESS it is close to that holiday.
Try to avoid gray colors with bright colors such as yellow. (however, I’ve seen this work well under certain conditions)

6. The monochromatic look is always safe.

Lighter and darker shades of the same color can often look good when matched, forming a monochromatic effect.

Keep these things in mind every time you dress yourself and start working on building this eye for color coordination TODAY.


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Pride Night June 2nd



Sat June 2nd-The Arlene Francis Center is presenting a benefit for Positive Images. Positive Images provides support and advocacy to Sonoma County’s LGBTQ+ youth, ages 12-24.




A Fashion Show, Comedy and Dance Party to benefit a worthy cause and to celebrate with the community and showcase talents of LGBTQ+ Members.

Fall of 2016, Hautebutch debuted a fashion runway to a sold-out Santa Rosa crowd and the event was very well received and enjoyed by all that attended. Here’s your chance to see the collection up close on the handsome models that will be your style czars for the evening.

Featured Models:

  • Danielle Acree, Ayana Brumfield, Cheryl Lynn Coffey, Brittney Coughlin, Jimena Catalina Cruz,  Nik Gomes, Jessica Miller, Christina Rocha, Eli Orellana, Dominique Sisk, Melissa Taylor, Phoenix Watkins,


Be warned. Bay area Comedian Karen S. Ripley will have you bent over in your chairs as she delivers joke after side-splitting joke! You’ll find yourself recalling her set for days.




After the entertainment, you better Werk! up a sweat on the dance floor to the sultry beats by the amazing DJ Lady Char.









Doors open at 8pm and the show starts promptly at 9pm.

Date: June 2, 2018

Location: Arlene Francis Center

99 Sixth St Santa Rosa, CA

                                   Tickets: $25 Advance and $30 at the Door.


Get your Tickets online here:



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3 Reasons to Stop Shopping in the Men’s Department for a Masculine Look

If you’re trying to get a masculine look, then you know your outfit and accessories can set the tone. Finding the right gear to wear that expresses your tomboy swag doesn’t have to be limited to the men’s section of your local department store, either. There are tons of benefits for wearing masculine clothes made to fit the female form for women and trans guys versus relying on the men’s department stores.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. You Won’t Get the Right Fit

When you shop at a place like Men’s Warehouse or at a men’s section in the department store, you’ll come across a ton of suits and clothes made for men. But the clothing available in these places are made to fit the male body. That means you can end up getting pants that may be too long or shirts that are too tight in the chest area. If your clothes don’t fit right, then you won’t look right. Instead, consider shopping for clothes designed for your body and up to size 5X, such as HauteButch’s suit slacks or Yeoman vest.


2. You’ll Have Less Color and Pattern Selections

Men’s clothing typically have less color and pattern options than clothing made to fit the female form. You’ll typically see “safe” neutral palettes for suits and ties or the standard blue and black color choices and striped patterns. But when you shop for clothing made for the trans guy or female form, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of androgynous rich color schemes.


You can even go for a vibrant look, such as the bold bright red of HauteButch’s Chili pepper chinos or unique floral pattern of the blue sky floral with pocket square.

3. You’ll Have Style Limitations   

Shopping in a men’s clothing store may limit you to styles designed just for men. But there are tons of styles to choose from when you shop for clothes made to fit women or transguys. From androgynous styles to tomboy fashion to fashionisto looks, you can find a wide selection of styles when you’re shopping in the right place. HauteButch offers all these looks and more, including the tomboy and fashionisto styles of its Annapolis tomboy shirt or Authentic collection white pullover.

HauteButch for Haute Fashionisto Looks 

Get the masculine look you want to achieve by shopping with a reputable online retailer that understands your fit and style, such as HauteButch.

HauteButch offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories for the fashionisto who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort or style.

Get the fit that’s designed just for you when you shop at

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Top Style Trends for 2018

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tough. Not only do you have to keep a constant eye on what new styles are cropping up in stores, you also have to keep complimenting your wardrobe with new items that will keep you looking fresh. Luckily this year a lot of 2017’s biggest trends are still holding steady.

Here are some of the top style trends for 2018 and some of the classic pieces from last year that you can reinvent in new ways.





Wide-Leg Pants
Last year, wide leg pants made a big splash and they continue to be on trend this coming year. They haven’t replaced skinny jeans altogether, but the more relaxed fit is being seen more and more often in both casual wear (like these joggers) and dress attire. If you haven’t picked up a pair yet, now is the time! They look best in a dark shade paired with sneakers or boots.

Retro Sportswear
Sportswear has been having a big comeback in menswear for the past few years and brands from Adidas to Marc Jacobs and everyone in between have come out with nineties-looking tracksuits, zip-up jumpers, pullovers and drawstring pants in vintage fabrics. Pair these items with a vintage leather bomber or a denim jacket for a killer statement.

Lace Up Shoes
The fashion world has always appreciated good craftsmanship and the quality of a product and this year you’ll see a hard turn toward clean, smart, well-designed shoes and boots with high lace-ups. Both high-end designers and traditional brands are showcasing them this year and they make an excellent choice paired with both work attire and casual looks.

The leather jacket is taking all new forms this year. Of course, the classic motorcycle cut is still on point but you’ll also see some levelling up, with long leather trenchcoats, thick belts and mid-thigh cuts that pair perfectly with loose trousers, boots and gloves.

Check out our shop for more style inspiration and looks you can order!

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3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

3 Fun and Masculine Ways to Dress Up Your Vests

Ask yourself, “Do I want to follow the latest trends or become the trendsetter everyone follows?” If you are a trendsetter through and through, you can stay true to your personal style by dressing up your vests using masculine elements. A balance of elements will allow you to look fly through every season without deviating from your unique outlook on fashion. You can customize the three following tips and tricks to dress up your vest-based outfits in intriguing ways.

1. Experiment with Shirt Styles

A shirt that perfectly contrasts your vest provides a tomboy fashion-forward look for the world to emulate. When you sport the smooth cotton style of the Yeoman vest, for example, you can elevate your look with shirts in gorgeous horizontal stripe or windowpane patterns.


If you are particularly adventurous, pair your vests with shirts made from denim, leather or other outrageous materials. Make sure that your pants, vest and accessories play a secondary role to rather loud or adventurous shirts.


2. Open Up and Sport Fun Accessories

Wearing a vest should never be a humdrum affair. Instead, make sure your vest highlights your playful side by wearing it open and pairing it with fun accessories.



When you leave the buttons undone and allow ties, bowties, cufflinks, watches and other statement accessories to play a leading role, you actually highlight the vest as a vital element to your unique look. Consider adding a jacket over your open vest when you want to look pulled together yet ready for any fun that comes your way.


3. Double Up with Smart Layers

Layers help you accentuate the fact that you are ready for any adventure life brings you. You can layer your vests with suspenders, jackets and even other vests.


When you double up the vests, wear one button up fully and the other wide open. If you want a polished look, add a subtle tie beneath the buttoned vest. For a casual appearance, simply wear your favorite accessories and sport a hairdo that highlights your unique personality and tomboy fashion sense.

Accentuate Your Wardrobe with Vests for Every Occasion

If you are ready to add to your vest collection, wander over to the shop at HauteButch to try the Yeoman, Aviator and Garrison styles on for size. With these three vests, you can purposefully transform your wardrobe using crazy shirt fabrics, accessories, double layers and fitted elements that complement each piece. You can also add to your collection of accessories, shirts and much more by shopping through the masculine fashion pieces in each section of our shop.






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Holiday Gift Guide for the Dapper Tomboy in Your Life

Holiday Gift Guide for the Dapper Tomboy in Your Life

The holidays always seem to sneak up after Thanksgiving, leaving festive revelers to scramble for the perfect gift. Don’t get caught in the lurch and plan ahead! What do you get for the stylish butch who has everything? Fashion accessories in line with their unique style are the right present to show you’ve been thinking of them.

1. Bowtie for the Dapper Dandy

A bowtie is great for the tomboy who likes to get dressed up and always looks sharp. This accessory can be nerd chic or seriously high class. The right pattern on a bowtie can complement any outfit whether just going to the office for the day or spending a swanky night out on the town. With styles ranging from sassy floral to classic paisley or polka dot, the right bowtie for the butch in your life is here.

Cufflinks should be an accessory that say a lot about the wearer. There are models appropriate for all sorts of different hobbies and tastes. Tinkerers and engineers will love these square mechanical cufflinks. Biker cuties will be proud to wear a pair of BMX cufflinks. Anyone preparing for nuptials will appreciate a pair of ‘links with the word “Groom” etched on them, in case anyone had any questions about who you are on your special day.

3. Supportive Friends Gift Suspenders

Everyone needs a little help holding their pants up every now and again. Suspenders are an important part of any dashing masculine-of-center outfit. Rainbow suspenders show extra pride, while more classic options like stripes or polka dots can dress up a pair of jeans on any normal day. For the ultra luxe look go with a pair of thin leather ones to help support debonair trousers.

4. Headgear

No, we’re not suggesting to gift your friends one of those embarrassing mouth apparatuses worn by awkward middle school students! We’re talking hats. Everyone needs at least one hat, right? Studs are always proud to wear a stylish snapback with the HauteButch logo to show everyone who crosses their path that they are fashion forward. A newsboy cap, the tomboyish version of the newsboy, is a great everyday lid to complete any look.

5. Collar Bar

A collar bar is a unique accessory that adds a chic accent to an ensemble. It holds the two ends of the collar together, but more importantly, it looks awesome. This is perfect for your friend who is always wearing masculine button downs and looking elegant. It turns that haute couture swagger all the way up!

6. Gift Set

For those who prefer to be extra coordinated a gift set will satisfy. Most sets are comprised of a few matching accessories for a complete head to toe look. The pride pack has some rainbow and lesbian themed accessories. If the colorful tie, necklace and bracelet don’t give the message of being out and proud, then the lesbian pendant will finish the job. Give them all as a gift or keep one for yourself!

7. When All Else Fails…

If you are still stumped on what to get your favorite polished and trendy andro sweetie for the holidays, a gift certificate is always a great idea. Some who have their own distinctive style are ridiculously hard to shop for, and that’s OK. A gift card will let them pick out exactly what they want to get in order to make every outfit pop.

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Newsboy Swagger


In the US and the UK, the flat cap and newsboy cap peaked in popularity in the 1910s and 1920s. The era did help popularize the term “newsboy” due to the boys who wore them when selling newspapers, but the hat was worn almost universally by the working class.


How to Wear a Flat Cap
If you are a lover of classic style, then a flat cap will suit your wardrobe no matter your age or occupation. Sized properly, they flatter nearly all face shapes and they can be styled to suit casual, informal and formal attire.


Here are some tips on how to wear a flat cap:

* If you’re wearing a tweed cap, make sure that the material of your hat contrasts enough with the material of your coat or jacket. Patterns that are too similar will look odd next to each other, so consider a solid color for one and a pattern for the other.


* Do shape the brim to your taste. Many caps come with a relatively flat brim, and you can round it gently (not too much!) to fit your head better and contour naturally around your face.


Influenced by the wildly popular television series “Peaky Blinders,” flat caps have become the hat of choice for men from London to New York. A familiar silhouette typified by its round, flat shape and stiff, small brim, it’s worn as an accent to practically any daytime attire. Indeed, Thomas Shelby’s ubiquitous hat style rules!

Yet long before the Peaky Blinders gang began building their family empire in crime, these caps were worn by men who just seemed to exude swagger. Dating back to the fourteenth century in England and Ireland, flat caps — also known as Irish caps, Ivy caps and driver caps — were worn by working class men. In a time when a man’s hat was simply part of his daily wardrobe, this sturdy cap devised of wool took on macho appeal as the working man’s everyday hat.

Getting Peaky with it

It’s when the more genteel version of the flat cap, designed in silk or cashmere, became the chosen hat for golfers among the country-club set that it gained the imprimatur of wealth. Now, that deft blend of machismo and elegance has given the contemporary flat cap the rugged charm that is part of its mass appeal. Even without razor blades hidden within them, in Peaky Blinders style, these hats slay the fashion world.

Nevertheless, it is their association with Peaky Blinders that has heightened the allure of these caps. As the thinking goes, wear this cap, adopt its swag. At least, that is the hope. You see, this cap is just part of an overall look that hearkens back to the 1920s, giving both the cap and the style vintage appeal.

As you well know, you don’t have to be a man to rock this style but its fine if you are too!


Check out our faux leather newsboys on site in various colors and up your hat game ✔️.





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11 Accessories Every Butch & Trans* Fashionisto MUST Have

Today I want to talk about the 11 must-have Accessories that every fashionisto needs.

now, of course you’re not going to need these everyday but you are going to need them. This way you have them and you’re not scrambling at the last minute to complete your look.

Here goes…




  • Number 11 On the list is a white pocket square. Being well dressed is all about those little details. Pocket squares are one of those little things can be easily forgotten but can deliver a big impact. Only sets you back a few dollars and it’s well worth it.




  •  Number 10 is a Silver colored tie bar. A tie bar is one of those accessories that  can add a very special touch to any outfit.  They’re really affordable too. Think about it, you only have to buy it once unless you’d like to get jiggy with it and add various colors to your collection. The colored ones do add a pop of color!



  • coming in at Number 9 are the black and navy tie…now these two ties are going to work with every suit or vest and dress shirt combination in your closet.They’ll be your “go-to’s” initially.

  • Number 8 is dress socks-  I don’t care if they’re patterned or solid….just get rid of your white athletic socks (except for gym days & lounging. Your dress socks can and should be used as your every day socks.


  • Number 7 is sunglasses-  sunglasses are really important …not only do they protect your eyes from the sun but they also prevent you from squinting, which causes wrinkling around the eyes. This is something you may regret later in life.  So add a stylish touch to any outfit with a dashing pair of sunglasses as long as you picked up the right frame for your face.





  • Coming in at Number 6 are caps–  lazy days and days that we just don’t want to do our hair where we just say eff it, “I’ll put on a cap today” instead of running out of the house with unkempt hair.  


  • Number 5 are Black and Brown derby, oxford or brogue dress shoes.  Not only do they look top notch with suits but they also look nice with jeans, chinos or wool trousers – when you want to dress up a more casual outfit. 



   Number 4 are Black and brown belts – Because you’re gonna be wearing dress shoes, you absolutely need to have a belt that matches the color of your shoes.








  •  Number 3 is A Backpack or a briefcase: Which one you go with is going to be dependent upon your occupation and your lifestyle. So if you work in a more casual setting or you’re a student then you want to go with the backpack. If you work in a more professional environment then you should go with a briefcase.










  • Watches are Number 2 on the list. It’s essential to have a casual and/or dress watch (if possible). Which one you’re going to go with will depend on your lifestyle.  
  • So if you are dressed casually most of the time, go with a casual watch. If you’re wearing a suit or a button down, vest and tie most of time, go with the dress watch.


  • The final number 1 accessory are Boxer Briefs: And darker colors are very sexy -all the fashionistas should be rockin’ boxer briefs. 


Just know that you can start small to begin mastering your style and building your wardrobe. You can pick up one thing at a time and before you know it, you’ll have several outfits to mix, match and wear….whatever the occasion!