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HAUTE BUTCH: Hot and Cool

A Rave Review, 6/14/18

HauteButch performed a sizzling fashion show on Gay Pride night (June 2) in Santa Rosa, California at the Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art and Politics. I sat front row center and somehow resisted the magnetic pull towards the stage.

Twelve days later, HauteButch’s exquisite tomboy clothing and accessories and the company’s painfully handsome models reverberate in my head, in my senses and in my wallet. 

The clothes! Head to toe and everything in between, HauteButch’s women’s menswear is customized to fit the individual gender-fluid body. Their pieces range from “Newsboi” denim caps to hightop “Skytops” sneakers. 

Their suits, vests and dress shirts are to-die-for, to live for. The accessories alone are astonishingly attractive: collar bars and studs, cufflinks, Steampunk shades, bowties with pocket squares, look-at-me wristwatches and more. And more.

The classy clothing, the models and the overall runway show vibrate in that impossibly perfect zone where cool meets hot. HauteButch balances on that delicate fulcrum where lesbian boy meets girl.

These styles call for basic terms like sexy and fun.  They also inspire — at least in this writer — fancy words like bespoke, haberdashery and sartorial.

Most HB fans pronounce the word haute as hot. Officially, the word haute (pronounced “oat” with a silent “h”) in French means high, as in haute couture, or top-notch tailoring. The models certainly have their heads held high, with their posture radiating pride.

Their presentation of wild and traditional HauteButch clothing straddles that thin line between confident and shy. They are both seductive and detached. These tomboys are desired but mouth-wateringly unavailable — but the clothing is desired, and available for a fair price. 

These gay garments, these glad rags! These togs for fops! These spiffy shirts! These duds for dashing dandies!

Sporting HauteButch’s dapper clothes, gender-defying individuals flirt with the audience, but slip out of the spotlight into the shadows. From briefs to  tuxedos: what a delicious showing. You can almost taste it. You want some: buy some.

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  1. Haute review.

    1. Haute thanks to you!

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